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  1. Oh these Spirits seem interesting, especially since i have some LVL8 "Sin" monsters that don't have a Summoning Condition (they are all fiends). Also, nice idea for a "Sin" Allure, will try to implement it swiftly. Overall, thank you for your review (part 2 coming as well)
  2. Oh i'd love to join the Beta Testing of the New YCM. I play TCG and know almost everything there is to know, and i am very much enthousiastic about building new archetypes and custom cards. Would love to try it out @YCMaker
  3. Abaddon does not require all monsters to be on the field. He requires the effect to be activated 7 times. There is a huge diff. Also, this deck as i said is of the anime villain style, not meant for competitive use. There are quite a few search cards in the archetype (mostly in the 2nd set), and Den of Sin is completely searchable because it counts as a "Sin" card. And, i know it's overpowered. It's meant to be that way. Nevertheless, thank you for the short review :)
  4. Since you seem to know lot's of things in here, do you know of a way to make link cards with YCM's font for couple cards for the 2nd set? I've tried some alternatives but i can't stand the fake looking font. Also, still waiting for a real review on the cards xD
  5. 1st of all, this deck is WIP. 2nd, i didn't do any play testing to measure ratios and viability. But. Put all monsters to 1, Hellena at 2, 1 Terraforming 3 Den 1 Metaverse, 3 Dogma 1 Bound 3 Bargain 3 Tribunal 1 Necro 3 Destruction 3 Confronting 2 Dawn 3 Birth 2 Mardorias. That's just my thought at first glance. Don't take it for granted and toy around with it. Also, put any staples you wish. GL
  6. This is my new attempt at a custom Archetype, the "Sin" archetype. A long time ago, in an account i no longer have access to i had a 50 card archetype, the Majestic archetype. After 3 days of trying to find that account, i said screw it. Let's make a new one. Thus, "Sin" was born. It's more like an anime-style villain archetype, not too viable for competitive use, but it could be played as a rouge deck (although i think it can be too busted, like most villain decks.... Yes, im talking to you Anime Orichalcos). My main goal was to give the cards appropriate effects that fit their theme (for exa
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