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  1. Hey you got 4/4 but your grammar needs work. No offense. (Heh heh) Helasain LVL 8 WATER Submarine/Pendulum/Effect Blue Scale-5 Red Scale-5 During each of your end phases; you can special summon one machine type monster. If a machine type monster you control would be destroyed you can instead destroy this face up card in your monster zone. ATK/3300 DEF/3200 Has low DEF Has ATK over 3000 Has a costless effect that activates when it is in defense position Has a high cost effect (This can be accomplished by giving it two
  2. Ro Ro Ro Zard LVL 6 LIGHT Reptile/Effect This monster cannot be tribute summoned and must be summoned by other means. If you control no face up monsters you can special summon this monster. This monster gains 700 ATK for every "Ro Ro Ro" monster you control.
  3. THANKS! HEREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE we GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Reasolof LVL 9 POISON Fusion/Pendulum/Normal Blue Scale-1 Red Scale-6 If you have a "Reasolof" in both of your Pendulum zones you no longer have to discard any cards due to effects on your side of the field also you do not have to tribute monsters to tribute summon. A powerful sorcerer who believes in the forces of evil being meant to save the world. HOW DO I KEEP FORGETTING? Has an effect that has to do with it in attack position Has low attack
  4. Sorry ! Those of us who are not beta testers can't make pendulum monsters or custom attributes. Is it possible to have uneven scales?
  5. Chaos Marauder Berserker LVL 4 DARK Fiend/Effect If this monster battles a "Ro Ro Ro" monster you can send one monster face up to the GY and double this cards ATK. ATK/1800 DEF/0
  6. Ro Ro Ro Wyvern LVL 7 LIGHT Wyrm/Effect This card cannot be tribute summoned and must summoned by other means. If you only control one face up "Ro Ro Ro" monster (Union monsters count as zero if equipped to another monster) you can special summon this monster. If this monster has less ATK than an opponent's monster you can target one monster you control change it's position and increase this cards ATK by the targeted monsters ATK If it was in attack position or DEF if it was in defense position. ATK/ 2300 DEF/2300
  7. RHINOCEROS STAMP... Hole? Trap If your opponent special summons a monster you can discard 1 card in your hand and negate the special summon. You must discard one card on both players end phase and if you don't discard this card.
  8. Ro Ro Ro brawler this monster gains ATK equal to the number of monsters your opponent controls x300. LVL/4 LIGHT Warrior. ATK/1200 DEF/100
  9. HA 4/4 squad Psyosis Water LVL 2 Psychic/Union If this card is face up on the field and a spell card is activated you can negate the effect and tribute this card on the third turn after being destroyed this way you can equip this card to one LIGHT monster you control and double its ATK/DEF. ATK/400 DEF/400 is a sea-serpent supports dragons and vice-versa is FIRE has ATK equal to it's DEF.
  10. If you want to be next put the address of your profile pic in your reply then after a little research I will make a card of you. If you hate your card I apologize they are just interpretations. Here's the first one.
  11. I concur. (With John's post) The video is unavailable for me but I see an equality sign so I might agree with it. But honestly it could be better but the world sucks so for all we know those people read the calendar wrong and the world ends this year so no garuntees.
  12. Ro Ro Ro Golem LVL 5 LIGHT This monster cannot be tribute summoned and must be summoned by other ways. If you control no face up "Ro Ro Ro" monsters you can special summon this monster from your hand. While this card is in face up defense position your opponent can only attack this card. The first time each turn this defense position monster would be destroyed by battle instead negate the attack and change the attacking monster to defense position. ATK/1700 DEF/2100
  13. Lonely lizard twins Reptile/Gemini/Effect LVL 5 ATK/ 1200 DEF/ 600 You can reduce your LP by half and if you do you can Normal Summon three times; you can banish face up Gagagigo and halve the LP you lose by this effect. Is level three Is a normal monster has no ATK Has Maiden in its name
  14. it may be just a little completely OP. Make a monster with a low level and low attack that has an effect that destroys it to summon another monster. (This seems a little specific so let me clarify: it can be any type of summon with or without criteria I don't honestly care about that.)
  15. Ro Ro Ro cycle LVL 3 ATK 900/DEF 100 wind If you control no "Ro Ro Ro" monsters you can special summon this card from your hand and if you do special summon "Ro Ro Ro Cyclist" from your deck Machine/Effect
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