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  1. Share your favorite apps, mine are: AdGuard - I don't wanna be without a system wide ad blocker. Websites, apps, doesn't matter. Ads begone! Titanium Backup - this makes getting my phone setup so much easier and faster. Saves me time from having to install all my apps and having to reconfigure them. Substratum/Swift Installer - it themes the system and several apps too. It lets me have a black theme where one isn't natively available. Syncthing - makes it easy to have a folder synced between my phone and PC. Great for keeping backups. EasyJoin - if I only need to transfer some files one time, I will use this app instead. Keepass2Android - simply a great password manager
  2. Do you like online dating? Share your experience! I'd start my works experience was: We decided to meet for dinner at 7. he was an hour and 45 minutes late. His reason? He was at the gym doing leg day in the single squat rack in the gym, a personal trainer asked him to move so his client could work in, he refused and stood his ground in the squat rack, after 30 minutes of arguing gym management called the police to arbitrate the situation. And after all that he still had to finish his squats because priorities.
  3. Ed Sheeran & Justin Bieber - I Don't Care
  4. Bon Jovi - It’s My Life
  5. Have you tried adult webcam chats? Share your experience
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