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  1. Honestly I thought this was a no brainer. yes, just terminate this shit already.
  2. Wrong section, Im aware, but really I dont care. I forgot to ask for this account to be permabanned after the last time I """came back""" the other day, and I really dont want to have any sort of reason to ever come back here, knowing that I have a "functional" account here. So please, any mod out there, or whatever, just permaban this account please. Or delete it all together, I really dont care either way. Thanks. -Someone you used to know
  3. A slow gimmicky card is better then "ha ha several restrictions go brrrr"
  4. Considering this thing hardlocks you out of multiples in a single turn, and given that it has the "ha ha no monsters go brrr" aspect with it being a Trap- There is literally no reason why this cant be a Quick Play.
  5. Red Eyes, Red Eyed, Red Eyez, etc, you literally do not need to include the hyphen just so you can arbitrarily confuse the fuck out of this with that other Red-Eyes garbage.
  6. I dont know how to word this, outside of being a possible clusterfuck- Basically to get the "destroy 1 card" gimmick, you can send it from your hand or field, or Banish it from your GY, or return it to your Deck from the Banished zone. So a single Sprocket can be used at least 3 times before you'd have to grab it again.
  7. I hate this game/stopped playing years ago/etc- So what do I know.
  8. Except I don’t know any other forum where he posts.
  9. Finally resolved 2016, and Im able to move on with my life.
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