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  1. wow they look so good that i feel i am nothing compare to u (RESPECC)
  2. if this card was continuos, it will be too OP, u just can deal 1500 each turn, and effect is like actiavted each of turn aand he have quick play trap cards.
  3. Solar/Galaxy archetype is a Dragon synchro/fusion deck based on fast summoning "Solar Dragon", "Lunar Dragon" and "Milky Way Dragon" then boosting them and destroying monster your opponent controls. Here are some examples
  4. bad, same effect as a Phatom Knight's fog blade only with little boost
  5. I will not comment it, do you even know what is XYZ monster???? Here is a card i fast made
  6. Here is my monster (this is my first posted monster) The circles didnt save :(
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