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  1. Thanks a lot @Dokutah Jolly. I follow your advice. All my life I have played with these cards and as I said, before they were more feared than the devil himself.
  2. The following post is a google translation from Spanish. I apologize in advance for the inconsistencies. A little introduction: The Gladiator Beast's deck debuted in 2008 on 5Ds generation as a META deck alongside the Blackwings and Lightsworns (which I remember as strong competitors). His unique strategy of shuffling on the deck after the battle to summon another monster and activate its effect (a kind of replacement) together with his peculiar form of fusion without the need for polymerization (Yes Neoespacian, we are looking at you) forged him a formidable fame and not fews "No du
  3. a real shame that the forum is dying and other users are excluded for a matter as simple as language. users who have to contribute and will have to go elsewhere. Good luck.
  4. Creo que es una carta de monstruo que necesita balance. Requiere de pocos materiales de fusion (y muy simples) y sus 5000 ATK no los veo justificados, si se tiene en cuenta que es el segundo ataque original mas grande del juego. Si se usa "Future Fusion" para invocarse se le puede proveer los materiales que necesita para activar todos sus efectos y con una sola carta.
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