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  1. Edit: I don't know why, but I lost the ability to type part way into this. So give me a minute to finish This is actually a REALLY hard contest to pull off; between finding consistent artwork and balancing the effects. But I think I came up with a good series here and I think others will come up with some good stuff too: Card Name: Metro Robo LV 1 Effect Monster Light Machine
  2. Pretty good. I debate if it should include Rank 4 monsters, cause that raises the card's applicability by an immeasurable amount. Still, with it I can make Melffy Mommy beat down a thing that exists.
  3. Ok redoing my thoughts here: First looking at this it makes me realize how much it sucks that all of the Summoned Skull support doesn't treat their name as Summoned Skull while in the GY. A field or continuous spell with that as one of its effects might be a good edition (while also preventing those monsters from summoning themselves when they die). Archfiend's Origin: Still like the reference to the season 0 manga, the floating, and double attack & level is still good. I still think you're being a little too harsh on yourself about locking you into a single synchro mons
  4. Wow I think this would give Summoned Skull more retrains then the railroad archetype has trains. So let me give my thoughts. Archfiend's Origin: I like the reference, the floating effect, and the stat/level double but find the limit to a single synchro monster to be a bit much. Gemini summoning already has hoops to jump through; maybe just limit it to DARK and/or Fiend Synchro monsters to balance the fact you can alter the card's level and use materials from the hand. Plus we technically have a Summoned Skull Gemini card in the form of Skull Archfiend of Lightning; although it was m
  5. Ok, this is gonna be a big one, so bare with me. So with the announcement of the new Madoka Magica movie and watching TheDuelLog's review of the custom Puella Magi Madoka Magica Archtype, I wanted to take a crack at making my own archetype for this series. This is also my first attempt at Yu-Gi-Oh custom cards, so I would appreciate feedback on any grammar or form mistakes for the cards. This is a ritual based archetype, similar in theme to the Ghiski archetype. I intended it to be a battlefield control archetype, focusing more on powerful battle focus effects while offering protection t
  6. Thank you very much. If I may suggest, maybe take a little time to update the FAQ with this new information.
  7. So in the Casual Cards FAQ I noticed that there is a separate forum for Multiple Custom cards to be submitted at once; like making custom archetypes. How exactly do I access that sub-forum, and other sub-forums in general, I can't find a link on the forums themselves nor in the FAQ.
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