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  1. @ITSUKOSOADO Ah sorry I misread the card the first time. What I meant was more in the spirit of Rainbow Dragon. That Blue-Eyes Rainbow Dragon (and only it) gains 500 ATK for each Crystal Beast and attacks for every Blue-Eyes on the field.
  2. A God with Eyes of Blue: Feels kinda ironic when Obelisk was the one tributed in the anime for blue-eyes. I feel like for balance, it should be from the hand, not the deck. Given Blue-Eyes are REALLY easy to swarm with. Maybe add a graveyard effect where you can banish it; Divine Beast monsters do not have to activate their effects during the End Phase that would send them to the GY. Blue-Eyes Destruction Dragon: Personal opinion, I like the sound of "Blue-Eyes Destruction Burst Dragon" or just "Blue-Eyes Burst Dragon" given its signature attack is "Burst Stream of Destruction" (White Lightning in English Dub). Tangent aside, this is literally just an upgrade of Blue-Eyes Alternative White Dragon. Minus the Special Summon condition. My only balance would be to have the destruction be by an opponent's card. Blue-Eyes Rainbow Dragon: Well first you don't need a Cannot be Normal Summoned/Set clause on Extra Deck monsters; as that is by their design. That summoning condition is HARSH without fusion substitutes, getting a Rainbow Dragon on the field is hard, especially if you're trying to mash Crystal Beasts and Blue-Eyes properly. I feel like the passive ATK gain for other monsters seems not thematic for Blue-Eyes or Rainbow Dragon. If you wanna continue this route I'd bump the ATK gain to at least 500 per crystal beast. Honestly if you wanna go full ham, I'd do it like this: "Gains 500 ATK for each Crystal Beast on the field or in the Spell/Trap Zone. This card can attack a number of times equal to the number of "Blue-Eyes" monsters you control. Other monsters you control cannot attack the turn you attack with this monster." The tag out is fine as well, but as a quick effect.
  3. Simple, but ok; not bad but can use some improvement. Flame Dragon: I think you meant "Flame Swordsman", Joey's classic fusion monster as material. I think at this point though it could be a "Flame Swordsman" monster; given we have a "Blue Flame Swordsman" card; a much better card. Otherwise it's really similar to Red-Eyes Slash Dragon. I'd also increase its ability to equip a dragon from the hand as well as the field. Universe: Again like @ITSUKOSOADO said, quick play. Although I'd make it banish to return a "Red-Eyes" monster from the GY to the hand (or maybe the field). Warrior: Hey if we wanna do some synergy with these cards, maybe make this "Red-Eyes Flame Swordsman". They did the same for Gearfried and Summon Skull. If you wanna go the protection route give it a Once per turn, can't be destroyed by battle while you control another Red-Eyes monster.
  4. @ITSUKOSOADO Feel free to, on this page or any other I post cards in. I love feedback and I love involvement from fellow creators. @HQCardmaker: I only put in lore cause I thought it'd be fun. Cards that tell a story are the most interesting to me. As for your cards themselves: LV 1: I like the synergy with other LV monsters. But I don't get the Tribute restriction. Synchro Monsters send their materials to the GY; they aren't tributed. LV 4: Like ITSUKOSOADO said, you can keep the DEF as 800 as 9 times out of 10 it's only going to be two attributes. Overall pretty good stats for a level 4 and more so if you have a synchro monster. Again not sure why you're "No substitutions can be used in the Synchro Summon of this monster." Heck, I'd loosen it by allowing you to use more then 1 non-tuner if you wanna maximize its effect. LV 7: Cool as it is, just worried that it'd end up being a level 7 monster with only 1800 ATK most of the time. LV 10: As stated before, the attribute gimmick doesn't play into this card. The reason Metro Robo's gimmick of attribute inheritance worked is that by LV 7 and 10, it broadened its protection because if you were playing the cards as intended, you'd have a GY set up with more diverse types and attributes then simply adding one every turn. Also yeah as the card is written, you have a level 10 monster with battle protection that deals YOU 1000 battle damage every time it battles. My suggestion would be something like, "Cannot be destroyed by battle. Whenever this card battles a monster that shares an attribute with this card; during the Damage Step only, its original ATK/DEF becomes equal to the ATK of the monster it battled + 1000." Just my thoughts.
  5. Quick question, how do you do that collapsible thing like you did with your cards here on the forums?
  6. So gonna leave this here for anyone old coming back, the set is officially done and posted. I will not be making any future cards for this archetype nor changing the cards at their core; only fixing grammar and spelling if need be. So take another look if you haven't done so recently and hope you enjoy it.
  7. Edit: I don't know why, but I lost the ability to type part way into this. So give me a minute to finish This is actually a REALLY hard contest to pull off; between finding consistent artwork and balancing the effects. But I think I came up with a good series here and I think others will come up with some good stuff too: Card Name: Metro Robo LV 1 Effect Monster Light Machine ATK 500/ DEF 400 Effect: Once per turn, when this card is Normal Summoned, if you control no other monster; Draw 1 card. During your Main Phase, you can discard 1, non-Light monster; send this card from the field to the GY, and if you do, Special Summon 1 "Metro Robo LV 4" from your hand or Deck. The monster summoned with this effect's Attribute is also treated as the Attribute of the monster discarded. Card Name: Metro Robo LV 4 Effect Monster Light Machine ATK 1800/DEF 1600 Effect: Once per turn, during either player's turn; until the End Phase, this card is unaffected by other monster effects that have the same Attribute as this card. During your End Phase, you can send 1 monster on your side of the field, with a different Attribute and Type then this card; send this card to the GY and Special Summon 1 "Metro Robo LV 7" from your Extra Deck. Card Name: Metro Robo LV 7 Fusion Effect Monster Light Machine ATK 2600/DEF 2500 Effect: "Metro Robo LV 4" + 1 non-Light, non-Machine monster Must first be Special Summoned by the effect of "Metro Robo LV 4". When this card is Special Summoned; target up to 2 monsters in your GY, this card cannot be destroyed by battle with, and is unaffected by other effects of, monsters that share a Type or Attribute with this card or the targeted card(s). Card Name: Metro Robo LV 10 Effect Monster Light Machine ATK 3200/DEF 3000 Cannot be Normal Summoned/Set. Can only be Special Summoned (from your hand) by Tributing 1 "Metro Robo LV 7". Is unaffected by all other monster effects that share a Type or Attribute with this card or a monster card in your GY. You can declare either Spell or Trap; look at your opponent's hand and all Set Spell and Trap cards on your opponent's side of the field, destroy all face-up cards your opponent controls, and revealed cards, that are of that type. You can only use this effect of "Metro Robo LV 10" once per duel. Backstory: In a future, not nearly far enough away, in a time after man's hubris or greed has left the planet barren and broken; there is an old-Earth city, a reminder of the days before dust and desolation. In this city sits a tiny, simple automaton that walks the ruins entranced. As if it experienced a window into the past, the relics and baubles of the past stimulated his curiosity and fostered questions on who lived here and why this place was in ruins. One day it picked up a scattered transmission; multiple voices, intelligent conservation, society, humanity: all still existed. They must know the answers the robot thought, if it could make it to where these people were, then surely they must know the answer. But unable to cross the hazardous wastelands, he began to incorporate anything strong and functional into its body. In time he became unrecognizable, but was now powerful enough to brave the unknown. In time he found, perhaps, the last bastion of society. Although terrified of the mechanical being, the people recognized it was not here to harm and agreed to allow it to stay. While knowledge and history, both oral and recorded in page and film was available, the robot lacked the empathy to understand, contextualize, and "feel" the information. He held the literal knowledge, but came from the experience with more questions then answers. A young sickly woman who kept these records developed a bond with the robot and did her best to aid in its understanding. Yet the machine couldn't; it was not "equipped" to understand. The woman then struck a deal with the machine; she knew her life was short and that the robot could assimilate pieces into itself. When she died, she would allow the robot to incorporate her body into its and hoped that he would gain the emotion, empathy, and "humanity" to satisfy his quest of knowledge. When the woman passed, the machine did graft the pieces of the woman to itself. Now part machine, part human: a biomechanical cyborg it relearned and reprocessed the information. Yet all it seemed to feel was disgust and hatred toward a people that let something so beautiful, so full of life and potential, be reduced to the hollow shell it had become. As much as it had grown in scale, it still was at its heart the same tiny and simpleminded machine that fell in love with the past. Its surge of rage and inexperience in rationalization and control of its emotions caused it to scream for retribution. It raced for where the humans of the city kept their weapons and fused everything it could find into itself. The woman's consciousness, still somewhere in the twisted mass of metal the robo had become, tried to calm it down, tried to explain that humanity had learned its lesson. Unable to reach it, and unwilling to become a witness to this horror, she used part of the machine's power to separate herself from it and build a new body for herself. Alive and independent again, she and the survivors of this world would either save the tiny robo from his own hatred or die at his merciless judgement.
  8. Pretty good. I debate if it should include Rank 4 monsters, cause that raises the card's applicability by an immeasurable amount. Still, with it I can make Melffy Mommy beat down a thing that exists.
  9. Ok redoing my thoughts here: First looking at this it makes me realize how much it sucks that all of the Summoned Skull support doesn't treat their name as Summoned Skull while in the GY. A field or continuous spell with that as one of its effects might be a good edition (while also preventing those monsters from summoning themselves when they die). Archfiend's Origin: Still like the reference to the season 0 manga, the floating, and double attack & level is still good. I still think you're being a little too harsh on yourself about locking you into a single synchro monster. Lots of people can tell you that even when they use their archetype and when they go into extra-deck plays they often summon generic extra deck monsters with better stats or effects but the same level/rank. A lock into DARK and/or Fiend Synchro monsters is a harsh enough restriction on its own. Archfiend's Phantasm: So as I've been told, yes some Spirit monsters can be special summon, so I apologize for that mistake. As it stands now it's fine, although I still think the double piercing battle damage for all your boss monsters is a bit much on a main deck monster. My suggestion from before still stands, either normal piercing damage, or a "Flame Wingman" like effect where the opponent takes effect damage equal to the monster's ATK. Improper Archfiend Rite: So I originally took this card out of context of the other cards in this set and that made it seem worse then it actually was. Yeah with the other cards, especially if you have Archfiend's Illusion you basically get free material for a fusion or ritual summon. Still kinda iffy about the Synchro lock; cause you'd need a specific, Gemini tuner, to reasonably use it without level manipulating cards, while also being locked into a single synchro monster. Also final thoughts, why name the token Archfiend's Catastrophe if you're just gonna rename it to Summoned Skull and treat it as an archfiend anyway. You could just call it a "Summoned Skull" token that is treated as an Archfiend (seriously thank you TCG for wasting gallons of ink with that reminder text cause you couldn't call one monster an archfiend, but call other monster Fiends) Archfiend's Incarnation: Nifty little trap monster that is balanced around needing another Summoned Skull for getting a free 2500 beater. The double attack, like with Archfiend's Phantasm's effect, seems a bit overpowered to give to all your boss monsters. Which I assume, if you're playing the deck in an ideal way means you're going to have at least 2, often 3 on the field at the same time; with overlapping protections or battle bonuses. My suggestion would either make it a "can attack your opponent's monsters twice" like Blue-Eyes Twin Burst Dragon, or have yourself target a single Summoned Skull to allow it to attack twice that battle phase. Summoning of the Skull: This is great honestly, pure advantage with a reasonable cost on a quick play. Not forcing you to use it on Summoned Skull is great as I think even in a pure Summoned Skull deck like you're trying to build, you'd want to run other Archfiends. Archfiend's Illusion: Again another solid card. I'm honestly going back and forth on whether or not it should be a normal spell or quick play; but I think it's fine as it is. Tiny bit of advice. You can make dots on Yu-gi-oh card maker for cards with multiple choices like with Archfiend's Illusion. Just use these shortcuts (if you use windows, if you use Mac you can google this): Alt + 0183 · Alt + 0149 • Finals thoughts: Overall I like what I'm seeing so far with only a few minor concerns about balance on the extreme ends; either too restrictive or too overpowered. I encourage you to refine the work you've done already and continue building this archetype support. Also you asked for potential artwork for cards here's one that could work as a FLIP monster:
  10. Wow I think this would give Summoned Skull more retrains then the railroad archetype has trains. So let me give my thoughts. Archfiend's Origin: I like the reference, the floating effect, and the stat/level double but find the limit to a single synchro monster to be a bit much. Gemini summoning already has hoops to jump through; maybe just limit it to DARK and/or Fiend Synchro monsters to balance the fact you can alter the card's level and use materials from the hand. Plus we technically have a Summoned Skull Gemini card in the form of Skull Archfiend of Lightning; although it was more made as Red-Eyes support. Archfiend's Phantasm: So Spirit monsters CANNOT be special summoned in any way; every single one has that restriction. The double piercing battle damage also seems a bit much in my opinion. If I were to make changes, I'd have the card allow you to special summon a Summoned Skull from your hand, Deck, or GY on it returning to the hand and either give Summoned Skulls normal piercing or a "Flame Wingman" like effect where opponents take effect damage equal to the destroyed monster. Improper Archfiend Rite: Awesome looking artwork first off. The effect seems counterintuitive. I get that it's meant to give you a token to substitute the normal summoned skull for extra deck plays. But: - In the fusion situation: you'd also need a fusion spell to get the most out of this and if you use the original summoned skull as fusion material, you'll get it back when Archfiend's Manifestation is destroyed where if you use the token, it's just gone. -In the synchro situation you just can't summon Archfiend's Call unless you lower the token's level with another card. -You also can't summon Archfiend's Awakening as you can't tribute the card for ritual materials. So ultimately you're left with a token that can't really do anything. Edit: Disregard this message (delete it if you want to) I'm re-gathering my thoughts about these cards.
  11. This is the 2.0 Update for this archetype! After looking at your feedback, going back to the drawing board, soul searching, and erecting new walls to bang my head against: I've effectively finished all I want to do with this archetype. Almost every card has been reworked and I even added a few more that weren't part of the original line up. I have no plans to further modify the cards beyond spelling/grammar/clean up and no plans to adapt anything from the Magia Record gatcha game or anime. This is already a 36 card archetype; considerably higher then most and I am only one, very determined, narrow minded, possibly crazy, guy. But I thank anyone and everyone from sticking through this whole mess and I hope you enjoy it. Update 5/19/2021: Just need some time to transfer the cards go. Should have them all done by tomorrow. Ok, this is gonna be a big one, so bare with me. So with the announcement of the new Madoka Magica movie and watching TheDuelLog's review of the custom Puella Magi Madoka Magica Archtype, I wanted to take a crack at making my own archetype for this series. This is also my first attempt at Yu-Gi-Oh custom cards, so I would appreciate feedback on any grammar or form mistakes for the cards. This is a ritual based archetype, similar in theme to the Ghiski archetype. I intended it to be a battlefield control archetype, focusing more on powerful battle focus effects while offering protection to each other. But I've also run into a serious problem in that trying to cram lore appropriate effects into ritual monsters is a headache without falling into modern Yu-gi-oh's issue of paragraphs of text for each card. The core 6 ritual monsters had to do 4 things at minimum: Outline Special Summon clause An on Ritual Summon effect that represents the girl's wish. Another effect for their abilities as a magical girl Float into a witch on destruction. Some places I succeeded, others I had to bite the bullet and make a wall of text. With introductions out of the way, let's begin. Please note there are: "Puella", "Puella Magi", "Puella Witch", and a few one off cards; like the Genex archetype has "R-Genex" and "Genex Ally" cards. When a card references a "Puella" card, it refers to the whole archetype, when it says something like "Puella Magi" it refers to the sub-category of the Puella archetype. We'll start with the archetype Ritual Spell: Card Name: Puella Magi Ritual - Kyubey's Contract Spell Spell Type: Ritual Effect: This card can be used to Ritual Summon any "Puella Magi" Ritual Monster. You must also Tribute monsters from your hand or side of the field whose total Levels equal or exceed the Level of the Ritual Monster you Ritual Summon. During your Main Phase, except the turn this card was sent to the GY: You can shuffle 1 "Puella Magi" Ritual Monster from your GY into the Deck; return this card from the GY to your hand. Notes: Normally I try to stick out of using the show for artwork, but this is too perfect. Again I took inspiration from Ghiski, as this is very similar to Aquamirror. 2.0 Notes: I literally changed nothing; it's great as it is. Puella Monsters: Puella Magi Ritual Monsters: Puella Witch: Other Puella Monsters: Spells/Traps: Thanks: I want to give a special thanks to Dokutah Jolly and ITSUKDSOADO for their feedback in helping me refine a lot of the cards. But more importantly I wanna give a thanks to anyone who followed me through my mad quest and got to the end here. I hope you all enjoy the finished product.
  12. Thank you very much. If I may suggest, maybe take a little time to update the FAQ with this new information.
  13. So in the Casual Cards FAQ I noticed that there is a separate forum for Multiple Custom cards to be submitted at once; like making custom archetypes. How exactly do I access that sub-forum, and other sub-forums in general, I can't find a link on the forums themselves nor in the FAQ.
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