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  1. Thank you a lot for the thoughtful review! I really appreciate that. About Vagor's effect, it can subtitute a Field Spell "you control" for 1 of its material, but since each player only has 1 Field Zone, and Field Spell must go into the Field Zone, i don't really think there are situation that one could possibly control 2 Field Spells at the same time to subtitute for Vagor material completely. Vagor's effect is like Underworld Goddess of the Closed World (the new link 5), i've checked her wording and fix the line "You can also use 1 monster your opponent controls as material to Link
  2. Indeed. I've always been fascinated by landscape illustrations, that's the reason why i created this archetype in the first place. The Field Spell's effects depict different part of an exploration, from arrival ("When this card is activated..."), explore (On field effect) to departure ("If this card leave the field...") and on to the next heritage, so you could say that they in some ways do evoke a feeling of wanderlust~
  3. A control-based archetype that i'm currently working on. Its playstyle revolves around cycling through Field Spells that have powerful lockdown effects, depending on your matchup, while fueling their boss monster with materials so that it can remove threat by shuffling them back into the deck. All of the archetype Field Spells have 3 effects: 1 when they're activated, 1 when they're on the field, and 1 when they are sent to the GY. Basic combo with Season of Departure + 1 random Field Spell in hand: Activate Season, add Resting. Activate Resting, special summon Dux from deck,
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