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  1. Series about 7 girls from different eras who are brought back as zombies and form an idol group. There's a bit of everything in there: comedy, sad moments, Japanese history and more serious topics. Especially the latest episodes have been darker and dealing with topics like politics. The music is quite good too. Any Zombie Land Saga fans here?
  2. Thank you guys.:D When did I leave? I don't even remember my username and typing in my e-mail-address doesn't get me anywhere. I probably used an old one... I remember that this forum was EXTREMELY active in the past and it was hard to keep up with things. In my dream I posted here and was greeted by the site owner while also looking for 2 friends I used to talk to here. They went by the names Marble Zone and Matt Bahamut. I suppose they're gone though.
  3. I'm anime-only for now but do plan to read the webtoon! Got into ToG because I'm a Stray Kids fan - the opening and ending are just *chef's kisses*.
  4. Oof, I stopped following Yugioh after Zexal.;-; The first 2 series were such an important part of my youth though. My votes go to GX and Zexal.
  5. Hello! Glad to see this forum is still around and active.:) I used to be a mod here in the late 2000s and early 2010s. Last night I somehow dreamed of this place so this is why I'm here.xD I don't play Yugioh anymore but will try to stick around for the other topics. P.S.: I don't remember my username nor do I remember my password, but I suppose I went by one of my usual aliases. I DO know that I used to moderate Music and Clubs and Organizations though.
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