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  1. Something I Have To Wonder On: Where Have All The Good Songs Gone?

    1. The Nyx Avatar

      The Nyx Avatar

      Oh, they still exist. You just have to look hard enough.

  2. Let's Suppose That You Were Able Every Night To Dream Any Dream You Wanted To Dream, And That Tou Could, For Example, Have The Power Within One Night To Dream Seventy-Five Years Of Time, Or Any Length Of Time You Wanted To Have. And You Would, Naturally, As You Began On This Adventure Of Dreams, You Would Fulfill All Your Wishes. You Would Have Every Kind Of Pleasure You Could Conceive.

    And After Several Nights Of Seventy-Five Years Of Total Pleasure Each, You Would Say, "Well, That Was Pretty Great, But Now Let's Have A Surprise. Let's Have A Dream Which Isn't Under Control, Where Something Is Going To Happen To Me That I Don't Know What It's Going To Be.”

    And You Would Do That And Come Out Of That And Say, "Wow, That Was A Close Shave, Wasn't It?"

    And Then You Would Get More And More Adventurous, And You Would Make Further And Further Gambles As To What You Would Dream, And Finally You Would Dream Where You Are Now. You Would Dream The Dream Of Living The Life That You Are Actually Living Today.

    1. TheBlackCatter


      But if you were to be able to do this, where could you then draw the line between reality and fantasy? If you can do anything, wouldn't your morals also erode as the unlimited power would break you down to your desires? By what right will you have to play god over a world that seems only to you as a fantasy? These are the questions you must ask when given such power over dreams.


      Incidentally, I know a few people who dreamed of someone else's life of over 30 years in a single night (only in an observation sense though).

  3. The Consequences Of Leaving Would Be More Cruel Than If I Should Stay

  4. Hey Deer, Why Are You Walking Around Here? Don't You Know There Ain't No More Trees Where The Greens Be?

    Maybe You're Not My Deer.

  5. When You See Me, I'll Have All But Turned To Stone

  6. How Can You Get Away With Murder Scot-Free When You're Found Guilty In The First Degree?

    It's Pretty Simple When You're So Powerful: It's Who You Know (Untouchable) Lying Through Their Teeth

    1. (GigaDrillBreaker)


      I mean, you wouldn't be found guilty in this hypothetical, but otherwise yes the American legal system is horribly unjust.

    2. (GigaDrillBreaker)


      I've even heard a story about a judge who tried to lecture some guy who just wanted to pay a $25 speeding ticket.

  7. The Industry Tends To Call Environmentalists "Radicals." The Reality Is That Ninety-Five Percent Of The Standing Native Forest Of The United States Has Been Cut Down. It’s Not "Radical" To Try And Save The Last Five Percent, What’s Radical Is Logging Ninety-Five Percent. That Is Radical.

  8. Life Or Death, Make A Choice Today. Are You Going To Choose Life? Or Will You Choose Death? We All Make That Decision, And We Make It Every Day Of Our Lives.

  9. You Would Do Well To Understand As You Try To Plant Your Flags That From Dust You've Come And To Dust You Will Return.


    The Day, With Its Cares And Perplexities, Is Ended, And The Night Is Now Upon Us. The Night Should Be A Time Of Peace And Tranquility, A Time To Relax And Be Calm. We Have Need Of A Soothing Story To Banish The Disturbing Thoughts Of The Day, To Set At Rest Our Troubled Minds And Put At Ease Our Ruffled Spirits. And What Sort Of Story Shall We Hear? Ah, It Will Be A Familiar Story, A Story That Is So Very, Very Old, And Yet It Is So New. It Is The Old, Old Story Of Love:

    Two Lovers Sat On A Park Bench With Their Bodies Touching Each Other, Holding Hands In The Moonlight. There Was Silence Between Them. So Profound Was Their Love For Each Other, They Needed No Words To Express It. And So They Sat In Silence, On A Park Bench, With Their Bodies Touching, Holding Hands In The Moonlight.
    Finally She Spoke. "Do You Love Me, John?" She Asked.

    "You Know I Love You. Darling," He Replied. "I Love You More Than Tongue Can Tell. You Are The Light Of My Life. My Sun, Moon, And Stars. You Are My Everything. Without You I Have No Reason For Being."

    Again There Was Silence As The Two Lovers Sat On A Park Bench, Their Bodies Touching, Holding Hands In The Moonlight. Once More, She Spoke. "How Much Do You Love Me, John?" She Asked.

    He Answered, "How Much Do I Love You? Count The Stars In The Sky. Measure The Waters Of The Oceans With A Teaspoon. Number The Grains Of Sand On The Sea Shore. Impossible, You Say? Yes, And It Is Just As Impossible For Me To Say How Much I Love You. My Love For You Is Higher Than The Heavens, Deeper Than Hades, And Broader Than The Earth. It Has No Limits, No Bounds. Everything Must Have An Ending Except My Love For You."

    There Was More Of Silence As The Two Lovers Sat On A Park Bench With Their Bodies Touching, Holding Hands In The Moonlight.
    Once More, Her Voice Was Heard. "Kiss Me, John," She Implored.

    And, Leaning Over, He Pressed His Lips Warmly To Hers In Fervent Osculation.

  11. Oh This Feels Like A Misstep, Oh, What A Mistake, But I've Fallen In With Feelings That I Cannot Shake. The Darkness That Pulls Me Keeps Dragging Me Down, And It Feels Like I Might Be Willing To Drown.

  12. I'm A Statue Lying On My Side In The Sun With The Memory Of An Elephant, Evaporating Before Your Eyes And Becoming A Great Grey Cloud Of Wrath, Roaring My Salt Upon The Earth. I'll Shoot You All For Free If You So Much As Look At Me.

  13. "You Poor Take Courage, You Rich Take Care. This Earth Was Made A Common Treasury For Everyone To Share. All Things In Common, All People One. We Come In Peace-"

    The Orders Came To Cut Them Down.

    1. (GigaDrillBreaker)


      This says a lot about society

  14. I Don't Care If Everyone Else Is Into It. I Don't Care If It's A Popular Refrain. I Don't Want To Be A Puppet In A Theatre. I Don't Want To Play Your Video Game.

  15. Can Anyone Read? Can Anyone Feel? I'm Losing My Patience; I Just Came Here To Bounce.

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