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  1. Let's Suppose That You Were Able Every Night To Dream Any Dream You Wanted To Dream, And That Tou Could, For Example, Have The Power Within One Night To Dream Seventy-Five Years Of Time, Or Any Length Of Time You Wanted To Have. And You Would, Naturally, As You Began On This Adventure Of Dreams, You Would Fulfill All Your Wishes. You Would Have Every Kind Of Pleasure You Could Conceive.

    And After Several Nights Of Seventy-Five Years Of Total Pleasure Each, You Would Say, "Well, That Was Pretty Great, But Now Let's Have A Surprise. Let's Have A Dream Which Isn't Under Control, Where Something Is Going To Happen To Me That I Don't Know What It's Going To Be.”

    And You Would Do That And Come Out Of That And Say, "Wow, That Was A Close Shave, Wasn't It?"

    And Then You Would Get More And More Adventurous, And You Would Make Further And Further Gambles As To What You Would Dream, And Finally You Would Dream Where You Are Now. You Would Dream The Dream Of Living The Life That You Are Actually Living Today.

    1. TheBlackCatter


      But if you were to be able to do this, where could you then draw the line between reality and fantasy? If you can do anything, wouldn't your morals also erode as the unlimited power would break you down to your desires? By what right will you have to play god over a world that seems only to you as a fantasy? These are the questions you must ask when given such power over dreams.


      Incidentally, I know a few people who dreamed of someone else's life of over 30 years in a single night (only in an observation sense though).

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