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  1. Messoras and Mickey, Thank You two for your input on fixing the text parts of the card! It was pretty silly of me to forget materials but you two both had valuable points about the possible uses of Trap Master Dragon. On the topic of continuous traps, I think the effect should only last the turn its used. In my head I could only imagine having Trap Master Dragon be a Call of the Haunted base thats harder to remove while using trap hole effects at the same time. That might be a bit too much. The whole concept behind the deck was to make trap cards powerful effects more immediate and have more staying power than a simple one and done effect. I'm glad the idea does not seem ridiculous even if i cant quite type out everything correctly.... (again thats my bad) once again, thank you two for your input and I hope to see you on my future posts! -Jman
  2. I am new here and am open to suggestions, but here is the Ace monster of my "Trap Master" archetype. Hoping to make more monsters and cards to go with it soon. (I am not an artist and cannot make art for the cards so hope that isn't a problem.
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