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  1. For the trap I hadn't intended for Opponent's Monsters, cause ouch. Lol. So would need to fox that wording. It did raise a possibility. What if it was 'Tribute' to banish then there's theoretical support from Soul Exchange or Tribute Burial (I think)
  2. Lol was mindful about balance when coming up with the concept, funny I went too far the OTHER way. I'll have a look over Socuteboss to compare. Thank you! I really like your fix! I originally thought to not have it unaffected by own effects, that way it could be supported by cards to allow it multiple attacks etc to maximise it's effect. But it wasn't a make or break thing. As for when I say 'The Field' are you referring to The Curse Card?
  3. Anyone on here willing and able to volunteer as a proof or beta reader for a Yugioh Fanfic? Would be much appreciated (especially in the aspect of writing duels and coming up with decks for characters?)
  4. Trying something a little different, using the idea of the Summoning Dark from Discworld lore. The Summoning Dark Dark, Fiend, Effect ********** 0/0 This card can't be normal summoned/set, or special summoned except by the effect of 'Curse of the Summoning Dark'. While this card is face up on your field you cannot activate the effects, or declare attacks, of other Monster Cards on your side of the field. This card cannot be destroyed by battle or effects that target. At the start of the damage step, destroy any Monster that battled this card without taking any damage. When this card destroys a Monster Card choose a Zone on your opponent's side of the field. They cannot use that Zone while this card remains face up on the field. When this card is sent to the GY, banish it instead, and you take damage equal to the number of Zones restricted by this card's effect x 500. --- --- Curse of the Summoning Dark Normal Trap This card can only be activated when your opponent destroys one of your Monster Cards and you currently have half, or less, of your original Life Points. Banish Monster Cards from the field, or from your hand, with a total combined Level of 10, then Special Summon 'The Summoning Dark' from your hand or GY. When 'The Summoning Dark' leaves the field and this card is in the GY, banish this card to return the Monster Cards banished by this card's effect to where they were originally banished from. Only one 'Curse of Summoning Dark' can be activated once per turn. --- --- According to lore the Summoning Dark is the most feared 'Dark' Curse in Discworld Dwarf society, and only used in desperate situations, so I'm wanting it to be powerful (but not crazy OP of course) and fearsome. The idea behind the restricted Zones is that the Darkness is slowly closing in. I erred on individual Zones over Columns as I thought that was the less broken option. Would love some feedback, these were made mostly for fun, but would love some insight into how this could be made viable.
  5. Have always thought the Watt archetype could do with more support. Well done! The artwork for Phoenix is practically spot on too! I think perhaps introducing a hard OTP, or 'Summon one WattHunder with this effect' for its special summon otherwise I see some serious spamming. But yeah I really like these.
  6. Bumpdated. EDIT: Is there a way to delete any of the earlier posts to try and tidy the thread up a bit? As I mentioned previously this was what I am thinking atm as a theoretical deck for the MC, based around the Cac Archetype. Open to suggestions on how to improve or fix this deck idea and if there's any Real World cards that do the same thing as some of the created cards and I haven't picked up on that please let me know as it will help me reduce down what I've been coming up with. Hope you enjoy! Monsters (21) Chaos-End Synchronizer (NEW) Chaos-End Dragon (NEW) Chaos-End Harbinger (NEW) Chaos-End Squire of Light and Dark (NEW) Chaos-End Apprentice (NEW) Chaos-End Dragoon (NEW) Chaos-End Knight of the Eclipse (NEW) Chaos-End Disciple (NEW) Chaos-End Guardian (NEW) Protector of the Light and Dark (NEW) Envoy of the Light and Dark (NEW) Summoner of the Light and Dark (NEW) Lightbringer Drake (NEW - WIP) Darkbringer Drake (NEW - WIP) Chaos-End Paladin (NEW - WIP) Sphere of Chaos Chaos-End Master Samsara Dragon Light and Darkness Dragon Honest Dark Honest Spells (13) Chaos-End Convergence (NEW) Guidance through Light and Dark (NEW) Chaotic Rebirth (NEW) Silver Wing Dragons of the Alpha and Omega (NEW) On the Edge of Light and Dark (NEW) Fade to Twilight (NEW) Passage of Dawn and Dusk (NEW) Chaos-End Nocturne (NEW) Blade of the Eclipse (NEW) Pot of Greed Monster Reborn Action Magic - Double Turn Traps (16) Eclipse Cyclone (NEW) Alignment of Light and Dark (NEW) Chaos-End Nightshield (NEW) Anti-Climatic End (NEW) Shadow Impulse (NEW) Twilight Embrace (NEW) Silhouette of Dragon Wings (NEW) Crown of Twilight (NEW) Wicked Rebirth Light Pierces a Darkened Sky (NEW) Dragon’s Rebirth Rift between the Light and Dark (NEW) Interdimensional Matter Transporter Slip of Fortune Eternal Chaos Reverse Trap Extra Deck (8) Dark End Dragon Light End Dragon Chaos-End Supremacy Dragon (NEW - WIP) Twilight End Dragon (NEW) Ultimate End Dragon, Bringer of the End Times (NEW - WIP) Chaos-End Knight of Light and Darkness (NEW) Chaos-End Dragon Knight (NEW - WIP) Light and Darkness Wyvern (NEW) Other/Side Deck Light End Dragon/Assault Mode (NEW) Dark End Dragon/Assault Mode (NEW) Surge of the End Dragons (NEW) Twilight Mirror (NEW) The Pall of Eternal Twilight (NEW) Collision of Light and Dark (NEW) Duality (NEW) Dark Fire (NEW) Effect Veiler Byser Shock Polymerisation/Fusion Substitute Summoner Monk? De-Synchro/De-Polymerisation Miracle Synchro Fusion Synchro Change? Synchro Overtake?
  7. Yeah unfortunately, I'm the same. The images, except for Super Power-Up HERO - The Star Spirit Bros, aren't coming up
  8. I have a particular fondness for the End Dragons so this very much speaks to me lol Awesome work!
  9. When I was saying 'not sure how to take it' that was in regards to you saying your glad these cards don't exist lol. Just wanting to make sure that didn't come off wrong. Still a few unfinished ideas but this has been both a huge help and very encouraging.
  10. I think these are really cool. Varied, yet still connected, effects and just a nice way to convert the Mario theme. A few instances of awkward sounding text, more so with those that have multiple effects, but otherwise good job!!
  11. Lol not sure how to take that? :P Just to clarify your response. You think it's unnecessary or a bit much, or just too generic to really rate? And yeah I saw Synchronizer as a rework of Sphere of Chaos, so not a Tuner and can be summoned through the existing Chaos-End Master's effect. Thanks heaps for all your feedback, I'm getting a bit of an idea of what I can get rid of, and pretty chuffed the monsters came off well. They were the ones I was the most unsure of. I think at the end I'll post up the 'theoretical' deck that the MC would use based around these cards.
  12. Lol yeah I admit I did let myself get a little carried away. Just got too many potential ideas and so getting second opinions on what to change and/or cull. It is for a MC in a fanfic so trying to keep within the idea of a Choas-End theme and supporting that (Synchro or Tribute Summons, card negation, atk and def reduction as cost, Light and Dark that aren't strictly within the Chaos theme) Still very much a WIP And Dokutah I'll fix it up for future :)
  13. Added the Extra Deck, and edited the Spells/Traps, using the proposed fixes. Some names have changed and added a few of the newer ideas. With the monsters, some I pretty chuffed with, others I'm still very much uming and ahing about.
  14. Oh awesome thank you. I should have prefaced I'm new/inexperienced with Card Creation so still trying to familiarise with PSCT and what would be considered 'broken'/'not broken and fair trade off etc. So any help is greatly appreciated. You mentioned not wanting to explain changes. Could you send them to me in a message instead? For 'Emerging' would it be too much if it was 'Special Summon same level or lower of the opposing attributes'? I've also been tinkering along and tried a few other additions. Will post after though
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