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  1. Thanks you two for the thoughtful responses! I'll be sure to include the text on the card in the post in the future. I felt that if I were to allow it to work on cards on the field, I'd need to do away with the destroy part of the effect, as having this completely remove, say, a Borreload Savage Dragon would be a bit too much. But maybe it's not, I'm still relatively new to the game as a whole. I'd like something like this for the chance to negate and remove cards like Ash and Belle, and it'd be too weak if your opponent was allowed to keep them in the hand. Was aiming for something to fill the role of Called by the Grave while making it noticeably less powerful, since CbtG is such a contentious card. And yeah, I definitely had to get creative to word the third bullet point. I love Bamboozling Gossip Shadow for its ability to answer non-negatable effects by just changing them, so I thought it'd be cool to introduce the idea of addressing that. It's incredibly niche, I'm not even aware if there are any cards currently that activate in hand that replace effects like Gossip Shadow does.
  2. Brand new to this site, figured I'd start out with a crack at a custom Ghost Girl. If the game continues to head in the direction it is now, combo decks will need ways to combat hand traps that are maybe a bit less broken than Called by the Grave. So here's an idea:
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