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  1. Neosoul is an Archetype of Level 3 and 6 Fairy/LIGHT monsters, as well as a few Cyberse/LIGHT monsters. They focus on changing their Type to Cyberse, Link Monsters and Xyz Monsters, and they have a single Synchro Monster as well. Each Link Monster turns the monsters they point to into a Cyberse, which is useful for various effects, and their Xyz Monsters require Cyberse monsters to Xyz Summon, and as their Main Deck Monsters are Fairy and not Cyberse, they need to be changed to Xyz Summon them. Their names are references to various computer related concepts, as well as angelic like suffixes.
  2. I made a Marinecess Deck recently, so I wanted to make something that could be used in their Deck, so I made this thing. It got a lot of ATK for a regular old LINK-3, though can lose it as well, and it can destroy a bunch of cards, plus it has a protection effect that covers a lot of bases that could ruin your plans.
  3. Fist of Fury is an Archetype of Warrior/LIGHT monsters with various Levels, consisting of mainly Effect Monsters, as well as a few Pendulum Monsters. They focus on Tributing, Equip Spells, changing battle positions and Contact Fusion-based Fusion Monsters. Their playstyle revolves around using their Tributing, Equip Spells and battle changing effects in combination with each other to produce monsters for Contact Fusion and getting out the Pendulum Fusion Monsters, which greatly benefit from Equip Spells. As a lot of their monsters benefit from Tributing, the Contact Fusions are all Tribute bas
  4. I made a Megalith Deck recently, so I wanted to make some Ritual support, and while this card can be used in any Deck, it becomes even better for Ritual Decks. It's able to return monsters from the GY to your hand, and also draw and search cards, a little bit of everything.
  5. Extrematter is an Archetype of Level 4 Wyrm monsters with various Attributes, the Extra Deck monsters having Level 8 and 12 monsters. They focus on Extra Deck manipulation, primarily banishing your opponent's Extra Deck. They have all 4 Extra Deck monster card types, Fusion, Synchro, Xyz and Link and their playstyle revolves around getting all of them on your field and/or GY which will boost or activate various effects. All the Main Deck monsters focus on the various Extra Deck monsters, such as Extrematter Sundragon for Link Monsters or Extrematter Orbitdragon for Synchro Monsters, however th
  6. Annihilaterror is an Archetype of Pyro/DARK and Rock/FIRE monsters with various Levels, though mainly focusing on Level 5. They focus on banishing, non-Effect Monster and Xyz Summoning, using Rank-Up-Magic. Many of their effects have an additional effect you can activate by banishing a Rock or Pyro monster from your hand. The Xyz Monsters all have effects that are boosted by having a non-Effect Monster attached to them. Their main boss is Annihilaterror - Ultramafic Colossus, which is a Rank 11 monster that is able to attack multiple times and destroys cards in your opponent's hand. They also
  7. Fuhai is an Archetype of monsters with various Levels, Types and Attributes. They focus on manipulating your opponent's monsters by Summoning or changing sides to your opponent's field, as well as Ritual Summoning. Each Non-Ritual Monster has an effect that is negative towards the monster adjacent to it, such as losing ATK/DEF or preventing it from activating its effects. The goal is to fill up your opponent's field with monsters, as their Ritual Spell Fuhai Merger can use your opponent's monsters as Tributes, with their boss monster being Fuhai Ikuchi. Also they use their Field Spell Yokai Ma
  8. Level 12 Synchros, my favorite! I mean, they are the hardest to make usually, which is sad, so this one is fairly easy to make, HOWEVER, should you put in a little more effort, you get a more powerful monster! Additionally, it combines well with DARK Dragon Link Monsters, as you get to draw and turn an effect into a Quick Effect.
  9. Except not really, only in the RAND series, which does include 400 image cards, but I have a lot more, including my Archetypes and cards I made before sticking to this RAND series. If you are interested, you can see the cards I made on Duel Portal: https://duel-portal.com/wiki/index.php/Category:Cards_made_by_zaziuma As for the card itself, it is a Fairy/DARK monster that support DARK decks, and was inspired by Darklord, though the card itself is quite different from them. It's a card that makes your opponent unable forced to target this card, it even works for cards in your GY and your b
  10. I recently made a Nemeses Deck, and I felt like they were lacking a fast way to get going, so this card just straight up banishing from your hand to get itself out, plus it banishing a card from the GY or Deck to search under quite specific conditions, but work for how nemeses have a mix-match of Types, Attributes and Levels, so I think this is a decently fair search that also provides a variety of options. It's a Tuner as well because why not?
  11. A simple little trap that flips your opponent's monsters upside down, well they change them to face-down Defense Position, but you get me! Oh, also works on Link Monsters by banishing them temporarily instead, so hey nice right? Oh, and you can activate it from your hand or GY if you control less monsters than they do.
  12. A Spirit monster that is able to be Tribute Summoned using any number of monsters, from 1 to 6 if you so desire, though the most powerful effect is gains from this is from 3 monsters, or you can get it out with 1 less monster than normal for a single Tribute. Also just the normal two Tributes makes it unaffected by your opponent's Spell/Trap effects.
  13. Seawave, coming soon to your local Soundcloud. No but really, this card is a LINK-4 that focuses on negating effects, which will boost itself and return monsters to the hand and inflict damage. It also can't have its own effects negated, because why not?
  14. I recently made a Fossil and Adamancipator Deck, and I was in the mood for some Rock support, so here's a Fusion Monster that support Rock Decks! So, simply it is able to send a Rock monster from your Deck to your GY, which is very helpful for Fossil, and it boosts its ATK and changes its Level based on what you send. It's mainly meant to be used with Instant Fusion, but if you want to keep it around, it can be used to lock down your opponent's monster, and it has some protection effects as well. EDIT: Dang it, posted it in the wrong section. Please move to single cards!
  15. I recently made an @Ignister Deck, so I figured I would make some support for Extra Deck swirly Decks (I dunno what to call what Ignister and such are). Anyway, this card is able to give you various effects based on what kind of Summon you perform, either Fusion, Synchro or Link (I was gonna do more, but well, the card is already pretty lengthy). With Fusion Summons you get to draw 1 to 2 cards, with Synchro, you get to add a monster from your Deck to your hand, with Link you get to add a monster from your GY to your hand, however in all cases it must be a monster with a different Attribute f
  16. So these two cards were inspired by the new Archetype called Draitron, which have an interesting Ritual Summoning method, so I figured I would try something out, and as such, the Ritual Spell I made requires you to use a single monster, but its Level is doubled for the purposes of the Ritual Summon, also you can banish 2 Machines to get it back to your hand. The Ritual Monster that is tied with it is a Level 10 Machine/LIGHT monster, so you can probably guess that I intended for Cyber Dragon to be used with these. It gets to be DARK on the field because Chaos, and you get two effects that can
  17. Marinemech is an Archetype of Aqua/WATER monsters with various Levels. They focus on revealing themselves in your hand and keeping themselves revealed, similar to how Golden Ladybug works, excavating the opponent's Deck, and Link Summoning. They have a sub-Archetype as well called Underknight, which includes all their Link Monsters, as well as a few Main Deck monsters. The non-Underknight Marinemech monsters all share the same effect that reveals themselves in your hand to excavate the top card of your opponent's Deck, and if it's a monster, you get to Special Summon the revealed monster. The
  18. So there's a new Archetype in town called Tribrigade, and they focus on the three "beast" types, so here's a card that supports not just them, but Beast, Beast-Warrior and Winged Beast, so this one supports them in being able to boost its ATK by quite a bit, as well as protecting them, and is able to bring back banished monsters, which plays into their playstyle of banishing monsters.
  19. Yggdrasil is an Archetype of Plant/EARTH monsters with various Levels. They focus on banishing, high Level monsters, equip and milling tactics. The have various ways to get themselves out on the field, either Tribute Summoning or banishing monsters from your GY to Special Summon them. They are friendly toward other Plants, and it is encouraged to use outside support, as they have few monsters on their own. Their main goal is to get out their Fusion Monster, Yggdrasil - Tree of Many Worlds, which can become quite powerful, as it banishes monsters from both players' GY to gain ATK/DEF for each m
  20. Westward is an Archetype consisting of mostly Spellcaster/EARTH Level 4 monsters. They focus on having face-up Spells/Traps for the monsters to get effects, protecting themselves and bouncing cards back to their hand, and Xyz Monsters. Each Main Deck monster has an effect that Normal Summons another one of their monsters, and an effect that works when they have a specific Spell/Trap up, or 2 Spell/Traps up with different names. Their Spells/Traps provide protection, searching and ATK/DEF modification. Their boss monster is Westward Black Hat, which is able to double any damage it inflicts, tho
  21. Bizarre Better is an Archetype consisting of monsters with various Types and Attributes that focus on gambling tactics, returning their own cards to the hand and Synchro Summoning. Each monster is able to roll a six-sided die to activate an effect, as well as being able to attack while in Defense Position. The Main Deck monsters each share an effect that returns them to the hand in exchange for a monster that is 1 higher Level than itself from your hand or Deck, and also have another effect that is arguably better, depending on the situation, so to take the random roll into your own hands, the
  22. This may be my longest break from making cards in a long time, but there are various reasons why I haven't. Firstly, I don't know where the game is going, and in some ways I still don't, but at least I know one thing, the new rules have started now, so that means that I can at least focus my time on making cards that deal with those rules, even if the game seems to be splitting in two, with Rush Duels and the new Master Rules coming out. There is also a lot going on in the world, so I haven't felt like spending my time on this, should the demise of humanity come (okay that's perhaps over drama
  23. Blood Moon is an Archetype of DARK monsters with various Types, whom focus around Zombie, though they only have 2 Zombie monsters, with the others only becoming Zombie under certain conditions. They focus on a lot of things, though mainly their Continuous Spells/Traps and their Field Spell that produce Blood Counters which they use for various effects, though they also pay HP to perform various effects, the monsters being able to pay LP to boost their ATK/DEF, another effects typically relating to Blood Counters, and they also have Atlantean-like effects that activate when sent to GY as a cost
  24. A simple Quick-Play Spell that is able to Special Summon a monster from your GY, but you can't control any monsters, and if you Special Summon a monster, it will be destroyed, so great for getting a boss monster back, or for Normal and Tribute Summoning Decks.
  25. (I couldn't find the picture that I modified for the image of this card. Still, all the credits go to the original artist(s).) Incarnation of Darkness Continuous Spell Card This card's name becomes "Dark Magician" while in the Deck. During each player's turn, when you activate a Continuous Spell/Trap card, Special Summon this card from your Spell & Trap Zone as a Normal Monster (Spellcaster-Type/DARK/Level 7/ATK 2500/DEF 2100). (This card is still a Spell Card.) During the End Phase: If this card is in your Main Monster Zone, place this card in your Spell & Trap Zone as a Co
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