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Found 2 results

  1. Thanks again to the mods for removing the outdated archived post. Similar to my Spellbook Prophecy Support, I've updated these cards with better PSCT and more accurate effects as well. Feedback is always appreciated Designed to support Spellbook/Prophecy, Mythical Beast and Endymion. The Pendulum effect simply adds a Normal Spellbook from the Deck to hand. I designed this to connect the Mythical Beast and Spellbook engines in Spell Counter Decks and to give Spellbook/Prophecy a bit more consistency which it needs because the Deck can easily open with a hand of useless Spellbook Spells or high Level Monsters. It's always treated as a Spellbook card in the hand and on the field so it can be used with the Spellbook Library Spells like Spellbook Library of the Crescent which restricts the player to only "Spellbook" Spells for the turn. It's not a "Spellbook" card in general because I don't want it being searchable by Spellbook of Secrets or Crowley, the First Propheseer. The effect to gain Spell Counters is restricted to "Spellbook" Spells rather than Spells in general just for balance and to keep it in-theme. The effect when Normal Summoned or Summoned by the Pendulum effect of a Level 4 or lower Spellcaster Pendulum Monster is to help Spell Counter Decks get into their Mythical Beast engine via Servant of Endymion or Magister of Endymion, or by just Normal Summoning it. It's strictly Level 4 or lower to avoid loops with Mythical Beast Jackal King. The final effect just moves counters. This is often to Spellbook Star Hall or to a card in the Pendulum Zone that can hold counters like Magical Abductor or Reflection of Endymion. I added this in because players often lose a lot of Spell Counters when Mythical Beast Monsters like Mythical Beast Master Cerberus leave the field for a Link Summon. Designed to support Spellbook/Prophecy, Shaddoll, Invoked, Gravekeeper's and Spellcaster Fusions in general. The Pendulum effect supports Fusion summoning any Spellcaster Fusion Monster (except herself) or any Fusion Monster which lists a Spellcaster monster the player controls as Fusion material, e.g. her effect supports Fusion Summoning Invoked Mechaba if the player controls Aleister the Invoker. Her scales are a bit irrelevant as she's almost never moved to the Pendulum Scale so I set it to simply match her Level to avoid misuse. The alternate Fusion Summon condition is designed for Spellbook/Prophecy in particular and helps when playing through negations or when opening with a bad hand of useless Spellbook Spells. It allows the player to Fusion Summon her by sending two of those Spellbook Spells with different names from the hand to the GY, but the catch is the player must have previously activated a "Spellbook Library" Spell that turn. The restrictive clause on the Spellbook Libraries of only being able to activate Spellbook Spells that turn makes this alternate Fusion Summon impossible to utilize outside of a Deck running non-Spellbook Spells. The main idea is to activate Spellbook Library of the Crescent then Fusion Summon her using the Spellbook added by Crescent and another Spellbook in hand. Her effect when Fusion or Pendulum Summoned is to allow her to copy the FLIP or "flipped face-up" effect of any Level 5 or lower Spellcaster Effect monster by banishing it from the Deck. This means she can banish Spellbook Magician of Prophecy, Aleister the Invoker, Gravekeeper's like Gravekeeper's Spy, Shaddolls like Shaddoll Beast, and even Charmers like Eria the Water Charmer to apply their effects that activate when they are flipped face-up. Designed to support Spellbook/Prophecy, Mythical Beast, Endymion and Spellcaster Synchro and Pendulums in general. The Pendulum effect supports Synchro Summoning any Spellcaster Syncho Monster (except herself) by tributing a Spellcaster that's a level lower. Essentially, her effect allows her to substitute as a Level 1 Tuner/non-Tuner for the Syncho Summon of a Spellcaster Synchro Monster. Her scales are set to 9 to give Mythical Beast Endymion an in-theme 9 scale for the Pendulum Summon of Mythical Beast Master Cerberus. The alternate Synchro Summon condition is designed for Spellbook/Prophecy decks that want to play Spellbook Star Hall. It works by simply removing 7 Spell Counters (one for each of her levels) from the player's field to bring her out, but the catch is the player has to control Spellbook Star Hall. Spell Counter decks like Mythical Beast Endymion can choose to play Spellbook Star Hall too, though it is easier for them to Synchro Summon her using Mythical Beast of Prophecy and either Servant of Endymion or Magister of Endymion but it's still an option. Her effect when Synchro or Pendulum Summoned is similar to Selene, Queen of the Master Magicians in that she gains Spell Counters for every "Spellbook" card the player controls and in their GY, so she'll always have at least 1 as she counts as a "Spellbook card herself. Her secondary effect is similar to Mythical Institution in that she removes Spell Counters from the field as a cost to activate the effect, then depending on the number removed she places a Spellcaster Pendulum Monster from the Deck directly into a Pendulum Zone, making her a very versatile card. Designed to support Spellbook/Prophecy, Fortune Lady (can use Fortune Lady Every in the Extra monster) and Spellcaster XYZs in general. The Pendulum effect supports Xyz Summoning any Spellcaster Xyz Monster (except herself) by using a Spellcaster that's Level equals the Xyz monster's Rank. Essentially, her effect allows Xyz Summoning a Spellcaster Xyz Monster with just 1 Material, though that normally means the Xyz Monster will only be able to use it's effect once. Her scales are set to 1 to complement the previous two that both had relatively high scales. The alternate Xyz Summon condition is designed for Spellbook/Prophecy and Spellcaster decks that normally don't have much field presence. It works by the player controlling no Monsters in their Main Monster Zone and using a non-Pendulum Spellcaster Monster in the Extra Monster Zone as Material, similar to Dingirsu, the Orcust of the Evening Star. Most of the time she uses Link Monsters like Crowley, the First Propheseer or Akashic Magician, but she can use other Extra Deck Monsters as Material as well though she won't gain the Materials of an Xyz Monster used. The catch to this condition is the player has to send all their monsters in the Main Monster Zone to the GY during their End Phases. This is to prevent the player from creating a big board with several interruptions, again she's designed to support Spellcaster decks with low field presence to begin with. Her effect when Xyz or Pendulum Summoned allows the player to attach a "Spellbook Library" Spell as Material. This is to make her stronger in Spellbook/Prophecy Decks and to make her next effect available when she's Pendulum Summoned specifically in Spellbook/Prophecy Decks. Her next effect activates by detaching a Material and targeting a face-up card the opponent controls, then destroying it. Unlike Zoodiac Drident, it has to be face-up and this effect can only be activated during the Main Phase. Targeting, face-up only, Main Phase-only destruction effects are good but still one of the weakest forms of removal in the game, but still her alternate Xyz Summon condition balances it out further. The effect also rewards the player for playing Spellbook Spells with different names by dealing 100 damage for each in the GY, similar to how Spellbook Librarian requires two with a different name and Spellbook Witch gains counters for different names. And that rounds off the support I've made for Spellbooks. All the cards are available on DuelingBook if you'd like to give them a try and if you do then feel free to tell me what you think of them!
  2. Thanks to the mods for removing the outdated archived post . I've updated the cards I designed to support Spellbook/Prophecy with more accurate effects and better PSCT, your feedback is very welcome! So I've called this card "Spellbook Master of Prophecy" as she's intended to be the Spellcaster who Spellbook of the Master belongs to. She's WATER attribute as this matches Spellbook Magician of Prophecy and in the lore she's meant to be his senior. I've made her Level 5 as I want her Ritual Summon to be designed to make use of high level Spellcaster monsters specifically and I also want her to support making Empress of Prophecy more easily. Her ATK and DEF are 2000 and 1200 respectively, mimicking The Tricky as the stats of the monsters within the Prophecy archetype often are the same as the stats of some of Yugi's key monsters, this is also why she's Level 5. Her effect contains clauses to prevent some looping using the Ritual Spell below (cannot use a copy of her you control to summon another from the GY), and also contains HOPT clauses. She functions as a recruiter in hand to summon out a Level 3 "Prophecy" monster from the Deck which will be one of Temperance of Prophecy, Justice of Prophecy or Fool of Prophecy, and locks the player into Spellcasters for the rest of the turn to avoid being too splashable. She can't summon other Levels of "Prophecy" monsters due to the mix up between how the archetype was translated to English - "Mythical Beast" are called "Magical Beast" and overlap with "Prophecy" which are called "Magical" in the OCG. Her effect when Ritual Summoned is simply a slightly stronger version of Spellbook Magician of Prophecy's effect by allowing the player to also add back from the GY which helps retrieve Spellbooks played in low numbers like Spellbook of Eternity and The Grand Spellbook Tower. This is the Ritual Spell of the archetype. I've called it "Spellbook Evocation" in relation to Invocation and the role Aleister the Invoker plays in Spellbook lore. The card is Spellcaster specific like many of the other Spellbook cards. It works in the same way as a regular Ritual Spell in terms of tributing Spellcaster monsters, but also allows the player to reach the required level of the Ritual Monster attempting to be summoned by banishing Spellbook Spells from their GY as well. This makes it a good last ditch and top deck in a pinch if a Spellcaster Ritual Monster is in the GY and there're enough Spellbook Spells in the GY. It also makes Prophecy Destroyer a more useful card and gives any deck playing it something to do with dead drawn high-level Spellcaster monsters. The second effect is there to help with going second since Spellbooks struggle a lot when going second. In lore, this is the location Spellbook Master of Prophecy resides in. The first effect simply allows the player to send a Spellbook to the GY, often times this is either the next card I'm about to show or a Spellbook Library Spell. This effect helps the Deck meet the conditions of many different Prophecy monsters like Fool of Prophecy, Reaper of Prophecy and World of Prophecy more easily. The second effect helps greatly with going second by either forcing out an interruption or preventing a negation. The clause of the opponent controlling at least as many cards prevents it from being overbearing and gives a way to play around it. The final clause is there to keep it in theme with the other Spellbook Library Spells (Crescent and Heliosphere) which restrict the player and to prevent the card from being splashable as the Spellbook Libraries are only ever played in Prophecy decks specifically. This is basically Spellbook of Wisdom but balanced for protecting against Monsters instead of Spell/Traps. It was too powerful to make the target unaffected by all Monster effects until the end of the turn, so instead it only protects against Monster effects activated before this card in the chain. For that downgrade, it can also target "Spellbook" cards and has a second effect which functions the same as Salamangreat Balelynx, though it can't be used the same turn it's sent to the GY for balance. These cards are available on DuelingBook as well if anyone wants to give them a try. I'll be posting another thread on Pendulum Spellbooks which will have 4 cards designed to support several existing Spellcaster archetypes
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