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Found 10 results

  1. I made a Witchcrafter Deck recently, and I wanted a Rank 8 because reasons, and found out that no Spellcaster Rank 8s exist, so that's just totally unacceptable, so here's one! It's pretty easy to Summon, though its stats are based on the number of Spells in your GY, so it doesn't get strong unless you fill the GY up with Spells, though its main purpose is the burn effect that can deal 2000 damage, which is a Quick Effect meant to work with Witchcrafter Haine.
  2. Anarchist Monk is an Archetype of Spellcaster/EARTH Level 4 monsters. They focus on banishing monsters from your opponent's GY, Xyz Summoning and using Anarchist Monk Ranshin for various effects. Most of the monsters have an effect that banishes from your opponent's GY or gives an effect to an Xyz Monster. Their playstyle revolves around banishing from your opponent's GY and Xyz Summoning their boss monster Reborn Ranshin, which can be done in two ways, either 3 monsters or 1 monster depending on the right conditions, and if you used Ranshin for its Xyz Summon, you get to equip Khakkhara
  3. Just a simple Pendulum Normal Monster, powerful but simple, it destroys, and guess what, it destroys some more (based on non-Effect Monsters you control). That's pretty much it, got some stats you can look at, check them stats! Oh and it's a Level 5 Warrior/WATER monster with a Pendulum Scale of 3, so that's something. Check out that lore I had to write, even though I had no idea what to write! Yeah!
  4. Act of Faith is an Archetype of Fairy/DIVINE Level 5 monsters with 0 ATK/DEF, along with a few Level 10 and Divine-Beast monsters. They focus on using Synchro and Ritual Monsters together, making monsters into Continuous Spells and coin toss flips. Each non-Ritual Main Deck monster is a Special Summon only monster that has an effect in your hand that tosses a coin, and depending on the result, either is Special Summoned, or placed in your Spell & Trap Zone as a Continuous Spell, and another effect that activates if Special Summoned. All monsters also can only be Special Summoned once per t
  5. I made a Fortune Fairy Deck recently, so wanted to make a support card for them, so here's a Pendulum Synchro Monster, because I haven't made on in a while, and figured why not, Spell Counters have a place in their Deck, so throw in some of those Pendulum Monsters and have a weird ass Deck. Anyway, this is able to easily get something on top of your Deck, destroy a card your opponent controls and draw a card, which let's you Special Summon a monster from the hand, and boosts Spellcaster monsters' stats
  6. I made a Vision HERO Deck recently, and well, this isn't exactly where I thought my support card would be going, but I figured it had been a while since I made a Pendulum Fusion Monster, so why not? I wanted something for them that would set up their effects to make themselves Continuous Traps, so it deals burn damage to both players, which offsets its low stats. It's able to destroy your opponent's monsters as well to make it place itself in the Pendulum Zone, where you can get it back easily or even make Pendulum Summons with another copy.
  7. Somehow I didn't know that this was allowed in this forum, I always thought it wasn't, but has been since 2018 apparently, so yeah gonna make one! So this card is a beafy boy who is able to get out by banishing Divine-Beasts from pretty much anywhere, and is able to steal their effects, and lastly Special Summon up to 3 Divine-Beasts. Yes 3, because why the hell not? So one of the things I was interested in was making the DIVINE Attribute matter, since there is little difference from the Divine-Beast and DIVINE Attribute, when both are always tied together, so I had in mind the idea of using t
  8. Raindancer is an Archetype of Spellcaster & Thunder/WATER monsters. They focus on using Ritual Monsters and Fusion Monsters together, banishing, Level manipulation, heavy Spell use and search/draw power. They also have a sub-archetype called God of the Raindancers, which are the Fusion/Ritual Monsters, who all are Thunder, the others being Spellcaster. Each Main Deck monster has a Gouki-like effect that adds a Raindancer monster from your Deck to your hand, and also let's you draw if sent by a Spell effect, which of course works well with Ritual and Fusion Summons, and due to the heavy cos
  9. The Deck I made this time around should be obvious, but if it's not, it's Tenyi, I made a Tenyi Deck. So yeah, Level 5 Synchro, kind of feels odd they don't have one, what with how many Level 4s they have in comparison to Level 7s, but whatever. So, this guy got a lot of ATK/DEF for a Level 5, but only while you control a non-Effect monster, protects itself when attacking while linked to a non-Effect monster (I'm still surprised that they got no real linking based effects, so wanted to make one that made actually linking them mean anything), and lastly it got a way to return banished monsters
  10. Monstermasher is an Archetype of monsters with various Types, Attributes and Levels. They focus on effect destruction, Fusion Monsters and battle position manipulation. Each Main Deck monster has an effect that Special Summons another Monstermasher in Defense Position (except Dragon which puts it in Attack Position) when they are destroyed by a card effect. They focus around using Polymerization a lot, having various effects involving it, and being able to search it easily with many of their effects, and they are old school in that you need specific monster names for the Fusion Monsters, but d
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