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  1. I recently made a Deep Sea Deck, so figured I would make some support. I was missing a Tuner I could easily Special Summon, so here's one that does that, as well as plays into their milling tactics a bit.
  2. Can you guess who I made this for specifically? It's probably pretty obvious, but I am curious if anyone would guess, because could be for a lot, but if you know, it's hard to say it was made for anything else. So, easy to Special Summon while a Field Spell exists, and is able to add monsters from your Deck to your hand when you Fusion Summon something.
  3. I recently made a Melffy Deck, so got in the mood to make a little something for them, so here's a LINK-3 that boosts ATK, protects and even revives itself. Bring it out with some Tri-Brigades if you want, works great with that, though keep in mind you can't use the GY effect if you do.
  4. Straya is an Archetype of Beast-Warrior/WATER Link Monsters. They have no Main Deck monsters, rather focusing on using their Field Spells to get them out, co-linking and even being able to make an Extra Link. Each monster gains 500 ATK while co-linked, plus some other effect depending on various conditions of it being linked, and another effect, where controlling a Field Spell makes your opponent unable to respond to its activation. They are based on Australian animals, with an ice age twist, hence the WATER Attribute (which is closest to ice), and their name Straya, which is slang for we
  5. I made a Dragonmaid Deck recently, so figured I would make some support for them. This card is able to Special Summon monsters from your hand and add stuff from your GY to your hand, based on the Levels of the monsters you use, and as Dragonmaid have both low Level monsters and high Level monsters, I made a little gimmick for that here.
  6. Felt like making a support for DARK Dragons because I like DARK Dragons. So there we are. It's easy to get out, but you only get half the ATK if you don't put some effort into the monster you get it out with. It's able to mill cards to destroy...even twice! But again, it will cost ya.
  7. Melancolony is an Archetype of Insect/DARK Spirit monsters with various Levels. They focus on Tribute Summoning, Tokens and face-down Defense Position and flipping tactics. Each monster has an effect that activates when Normal Summoned or flipped face-up, and one that activates in the Main Phase 2 as a Quick Effect. Due to the high Level monsters, they take heavy use of Tokens, and their Field Spell called Underground Scene can produce them, as well as providing an extra Normal Set, so Tribute Summoning isn't going to be a huge deal. Due to them being Spirit monsters, they have various ways of
  8. Made a Numeron Deck recently, so got in the mood to make an Xyz support card, which is that weird Archetype that can be searched, don't you know? So yeah, this card shuts down non-Xyz Decks easily, and you can easily get it back if you throw in other Xyz cards.
  9. Made an Endymion Deck recently, so here's a Pendulum Monster that supports Spell Counter Decks by rounding out some things I wanted from them and giving them a new Level 7 monster that can beat some things. It can change Pendulum Scales, it can Special Summon stuff from your Extra Deck, it does not care about monster effects, and it produces Spell Counters when in danger.
  10. Totally not a Rikka support, what are you talking about? Okay fine fine, I lied, it is, and yeah, I wanted another Rank 6 Plant, so here's another Rank 6 Plant. It got a neat little alternate way to get it out, got some stealing and is able to even change monsters into Plants and change their Levels.
  11. Just a little LINK-1 I made up when I saw this art, thought it was a fun little thing. It's got a strange Summoning requirement, but it can also be quite powerful for a LINK-1, being able to steal an opponent's monster from them. It is not strong, and you gotta keep it safe, otherwise your stolen monster dies, so yeah, be careful out there.
  12. So one of the interesting things about not playing the game much is that I miss some cards from time to time, and recently I ran into Red-Eyes Dark Dragoon, a card that seems just a bit powerful, despite my best attempts, I couldn't take it out, it has a lot of strengths, so I decided to simply make a card that solves my issues, simply negating its effects. In the most important cases, that being when it's brought out first turn, it becomes impossible for your opponent to respond to its effect, which normally wouldn't be a huge issue, except for Dragoon having a negation effect of its own, so
  13. I made a Virtual World Deck recently, so got inspired to make a Synchro Wyrm, because they don't have those. So yeah, this card is focusing on EARTH monsters, but it can still be used with non-EARTH monsters as well, it just isn't as good. It's either able to add to the hand, or Special Summon a banished monster if it's EARTH, it's unaffected by other monster effects that aren't EARTH (I am not sure if this was too powerful with everything else, I am willing to remove this based on feedback), and lastly it can banish a monster from your Graveyard, if it's EARTH you get to destroy something, an
  14. I made an Infinitrack Deck recently, so I wanted to make some support for them, as well as EARTH Machine Decks in general, so here we are! This card has a lot of things going on, let's start with the Pendulum Effect, which enables it to change its Pendulum Scale, which can be useful since Infinitrack themselves of course don't have Pendulum Monsters, so you only need two of these guys to bring out monsters, as its Pendulum Scale of 9 makes it easy to get out pretty much anything you want, and you can easily get it down with an Infinitrack monster. Also you can use it for Tribute Summons to eas
  15. I just made a Eldlich Deck, and figured I would make a little support card, also kind of a Shiranui support card I suppose. This card is able to increase its own Level, for the Fusion, for Synchro or Rank 5 Xyz plays with the Trap monsters if you are feeling frisky, and also it has an effect that banishes Zombies for an effect, it's an easy to pull off Quick Effect, making it combo well with Doomking Balerdroch, a card I like using in here.
  16. Flamefreeze is an Archetype of Pyro/WATER monsters with various Levels and 0 DEF. They focus on Ice Counters and Synchro Summoning. Their main playstyle revolves around placing Ice Counters on as many monsters on the field as possible, both your own and your opponent's monsters, and have various purposes for doing so, mainly by manipulating your opponent's monsters for Synchro Summons and other various reasons. Their main boss monster is Flamefreeze Avalanche Eruptor which is a powerful Level 12 Synchro Monster, which gains effects depending on the number of Ice Counters on it. Their name
  17. Permadeath is an Archetype of Zombie/DARK Level 3 monsters with 1500 ATK. They focus on banishing cards face-down, Link Summoning and battling. Their playstyle revolves around banishing cards face-down, and they gain bonuses for all your opponent's face-down banished cards, either at 5 or 10 face-down. Their Link Monsters also each share similar effect structures, all of which banish the top card of each Deck face-down on their Link Summon, as well as having two different effects at 5 and 10 face-down banished cards. In general you want their LINK-4 boss monster called Show Stopper o
  18. Neosoul is an Archetype of Level 3 and 6 Fairy/LIGHT monsters, as well as a few Cyberse/LIGHT monsters. They focus on changing their Type to Cyberse, Link Monsters and Xyz Monsters, and they have a single Synchro Monster as well. Each Link Monster turns the monsters they point to into a Cyberse, which is useful for various effects, and their Xyz Monsters require Cyberse monsters to Xyz Summon, and as their Main Deck Monsters are Fairy and not Cyberse, they need to be changed to Xyz Summon them. Their names are references to various computer related concepts, as well as angelic like suffixes.
  19. I made a Marinecess Deck recently, so I wanted to make something that could be used in their Deck, so I made this thing. It got a lot of ATK for a regular old LINK-3, though can lose it as well, and it can destroy a bunch of cards, plus it has a protection effect that covers a lot of bases that could ruin your plans.
  20. Fist of Fury is an Archetype of Warrior/LIGHT monsters with various Levels, consisting of mainly Effect Monsters, as well as a few Pendulum Monsters. They focus on Tributing, Equip Spells, changing battle positions and Contact Fusion-based Fusion Monsters. Their playstyle revolves around using their Tributing, Equip Spells and battle changing effects in combination with each other to produce monsters for Contact Fusion and getting out the Pendulum Fusion Monsters, which greatly benefit from Equip Spells. As a lot of their monsters benefit from Tributing, the Contact Fusions are all Tribute bas
  21. I made a Megalith Deck recently, so I wanted to make some Ritual support, and while this card can be used in any Deck, it becomes even better for Ritual Decks. It's able to return monsters from the GY to your hand, and also draw and search cards, a little bit of everything.
  22. Extrematter is an Archetype of Level 4 Wyrm monsters with various Attributes, the Extra Deck monsters having Level 8 and 12 monsters. They focus on Extra Deck manipulation, primarily banishing your opponent's Extra Deck. They have all 4 Extra Deck monster card types, Fusion, Synchro, Xyz and Link and their playstyle revolves around getting all of them on your field and/or GY which will boost or activate various effects. All the Main Deck monsters focus on the various Extra Deck monsters, such as Extrematter Sundragon for Link Monsters or Extrematter Orbitdragon for Synchro Monsters, however th
  23. Annihilaterror is an Archetype of Pyro/DARK and Rock/FIRE monsters with various Levels, though mainly focusing on Level 5. They focus on banishing, non-Effect Monster and Xyz Summoning, using Rank-Up-Magic. Many of their effects have an additional effect you can activate by banishing a Rock or Pyro monster from your hand. The Xyz Monsters all have effects that are boosted by having a non-Effect Monster attached to them. Their main boss is Annihilaterror - Ultramafic Colossus, which is a Rank 11 monster that is able to attack multiple times and destroys cards in your opponent's hand. They also
  24. Fuhai is an Archetype of monsters with various Levels, Types and Attributes. They focus on manipulating your opponent's monsters by Summoning or changing sides to your opponent's field, as well as Ritual Summoning. Each Non-Ritual Monster has an effect that is negative towards the monster adjacent to it, such as losing ATK/DEF or preventing it from activating its effects. The goal is to fill up your opponent's field with monsters, as their Ritual Spell Fuhai Merger can use your opponent's monsters as Tributes, with their boss monster being Fuhai Ikuchi. Also they use their Field Spell Yokai Ma
  25. Except not really, only in the RAND series, which does include 400 image cards, but I have a lot more, including my Archetypes and cards I made before sticking to this RAND series. If you are interested, you can see the cards I made on Duel Portal: https://duel-portal.com/wiki/index.php/Category:Cards_made_by_zaziuma As for the card itself, it is a Fairy/DARK monster that support DARK decks, and was inspired by Darklord, though the card itself is quite different from them. It's a card that makes your opponent unable forced to target this card, it even works for cards in your GY and your b
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