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Found 4 results

  1. A quick guide to creating custom cards/archetypes - Part 1 The first thing you want to do is to think about what you want your archetype to do. This is like an idea that you make. A custom archetype starts with an idea. It doesn't have to be a very complicated one. Next, you want to use that idea that you have come up with, and implement that idea. For example, an idea could be "monsters that get stronger the less cards you have in your Main Deck". In that case, Pot of Desires can be an excellent tech to the deck. In order to implement that idea, you'd want card/effects to thin your deck size and or recycle, because if you have 0 cards in your deck and it is your Draw Phase, you lose the game. However, you'd also want to ask yourself, "How would I thin out my deck?". The point is to keep the idea simple so that it is easier to execute, and then stick with that idea. Another example is Union monsters, which open a galaxy for you to explore (e.g. contact fusion w/ Union monsters whose Fusion are Unions themselves which are summoned by sending main deck unions you control to the GY to Special Summon those.). You also want to stick with the same idea throughout the archetype creation process. If not, your archetype will become incoherent and not perform well. If you can pick 4-6 cards in your archetype and your opponent can see that the other cards do the same thing, it is coherent. Otherwise it is incoherent. Incoherent archetypes tends to brick more often. If one idea does not suit you, or that idea causes your archetype to be hard to execute to the point where it does not work, try another idea and see that if it suits you. Keep in mind that custom archetypes are a way to experiment. Now for Costs These are resources that you must give up in order to do something. Costs in Yugioh can include the following (in general, anything that comes before the ; is a cost): Discarding Tributing from hand/field Send from field/hand to GY Return from field to hand Banish from GY Paying LP shuffle from field/GY into deck
  2. So this is just something I've worked on for a little. It was meant to kind of fix some of the problems that the current card frame has like making the art frame+effect box bigger. The template is really customizable. There are different options/versions of layers inside the .psd file that you can toy around with to achieve something you like. So you might have to take your time going through the layer folders to see all the different options there are. I took inspirations from the Rush Duel Frame and the 4Kids Frame when making this. You can check out examples here. - Credits are not necessary, but very much appreciated - ________________________________________________________ LINK TO THE MEGA DOWNLOAD PAGE: https://mega.nz/file/cNVAVRxY#2bb3KwuNFowOOgfI4QtR8ixDc5go0RCvfHwADiLtdzM (This is a .psd file and will only work with photoshop). ________________________________________________________ For the Fonts, it is broken down into 3 categories: 1) Required Fonts (MUST have/download), Optional Fonts (different options for required fonts), and Extra Fonts (Not totally necessary, but if you want to toy with things around more in the file it will help you out). 1) Required Fonts: > MatrixRegularSmallCaps > Yugioh ITC Stone Serif > Stone Serif ITC Medium - Italic > YugiohRushDuelNumbersV4 - Optional: MatrixBoldSmallCaps - Optional: EurostyleCandyW01-Semi-Bold - Optional: Archive 2) Extra Fonts: > Aero ________________________________________________________ Keep in mind that this template is still very early in design and is practically in its beta form. Please expect changes to come in the future. I will denote changes to the template by updating this post. Currently in this version: Frames: - (Official) Effect, Normal, Ritual, Fusion, Synchro, Xyz, Pendulum, Link, Token, Obelisk, Ra, Slifer, Spell, Trap - (Unofficial) Half-Trap Frame, Green/Purple Frame, Green/Blue Frame I really want to thank 9558able, GraysonGoodwin, and Youssef-Mamdouh. Without their resources, this template would've been much harder to make. CREDITS/ELEMENTS GATHERED: Konami, Google Images Template Inspirations: 9558able Card Frame Textures: GraysonGoodwin Link Frame Texture: Youssef-Mamdouh
  3. Im new to this platform and have mad these 3 cards tell me how good they are
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