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Found 2 results

  1. This is an experiment following up from this thread. Basically, this is a club for drawing. It doesn't matter what your preferred style or your skill level is. Let us just have a good time. If you wanna improve, we can try to give our two cents. If you wanna push for a group project, collaboration, or a challenge of some kind, you can pitch the idea and something could come out of it. If you just feel like sharing something you are proud of, that too. Even if you have absolutely no previous experience drawing but are interested. What is it? You ask why this has to exist when you can already post at the Showcase section? Well, look at this as a sort of base, for more interaction and more of a "homie" feel.... *shrugs*
  2. Welcome To Yami Club (Name not Identified). A place to Hang out, and share drawings and pictures. RULES: No 16+ or higher rated content Be kind. Before Joining, Ask me (Unless your name is listed as a VIP) by commenting VIP USERS: @Yami Kiniko Kiniko Unisa @Horu Ishayuki Horu Ishayuki @Rayfield Lumina Rayfield Lumina @TheBlackCatter Black "Catter" Nyton Opalmire @The Nyx Avatar Nyx Avatar @Sleepy Sleepy Sylovys @Redro Red "Redro" Ro VIP users, Please follow this thread. We're gonna have lots of fun. I can tell.
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