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Found 1 result

  1. Bottled Starkemist FIRE - Level 6 - Spellcaster/Synchro/Effect - 2200 ATK/1600 DEF 1 Tuner + 1+ non-Tuner monsters When this card or another monster(s) is sent to the GY, except the turn this card was Special Summoned: Special Summon that monster(s) to their owner's field, then place 1 Star Counter on this card, and if this card has 3 Star Counters, remove all Star Counters from this card and banish all other cards on the field. You can only control 1 "Bottled Starkemist". Looks insane at first. It can SS itself off of being sent to the GY, can SS anything sent to the GY, and is also a banish board clear if it wants to be. However, it can be easily exploited by the opponent, them being able to benefit from the SS and then being allowed to destroy this card after the fact. While it can SS after being sent to the GY, it can't use the effect again the turn its Special Summoned. I guess it's still insane, but I'm not sure if its broken per say. What do you guys think? I might put the Star Counters at 4 instead of 3 if it needs nerfing. Artist https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/86080031 Card https://www.duelingbook.com/card?id=2699501 (I tried posting the entire card but the upload failed)
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