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Found 2 results

  1. This new card is a hefty addition to the Lost World, as Miracle Jurassic Egg was to Jurassic World. So yeah, odd arrows, benefitting from Miscellaneousaurs/hardcasted U.C.T., laddering into other Dinos, and, of course, GY retrieval. Which will probably go to Miscellaneousaurus. Just bone-dino love that's gonna ever result from Dino Links, isn't it. If it's not Link laddering, its somehow this to get Deng or Ib Justiciar. I mean besides the return of Litho. Anyways, until the next card: reviews, revelry, you know the drill. BD'S, signing off.
  2. Card #6 of the 10 Nights of Fright, and believe me, it only looks like a simple rag as much as Green Lantern's weapon looks like a simple piece of jewelry. Though, in this card's lore's case, it may well be Atrocitus'... This new monster is based on yet another of Ifunny user Creepy_Pasta_Reader, and his Scary Stories to Tell compliation - this one of a cape that crashes down to a planet and gives phenomenal powers to one of the scientists who happens upon it. However, this newly minted scientific Man of Steel has less of a command over his powers - or the oft-tragic results of such a union with a supernatural item - than the world may yet live to realize. The full story is below. This Helene Alonso-created pic betrays an incredibly powerful Link of mine. It, weirdly enough, is not the first Union Link I've made, but it may be the most chilling one. And the other literally features two girls in the vaccum of space. But besides being a slightly more co-link-happy Relinquished Anima in reverse, allows you a chance to make some crucial plays off of what would otherwise be the worst two types of Summons in the game. From them, however, comes the most powerful Union monster in the game that's not a Machine, allowing the power of possession, and in a slight variation, it can redirect targets of otherwise discriminating card effects towards itself. Only downside is the lack of direct attacks, but given its power is only held in stock by what else you can total with other card effects in the turn, shouldn't be a problem. And with something as troubling as this now growing ill of the very race it's supposed to protect, I'll end my 10 Nights of Fright diatribes here. Until the next card - tricks, treats, you know the drill. BD'S, signing off.
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