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Found 1 result

  1. Chapter 0 - The Riot's Beginning "Ma! Ma! Tell the story again!" A young child said around the age of 10 while jumping around in his bed. "Alright, Alright, Be quiet. Kuki is already asleep. I have no idea how you have so much energy, I will tell the story one more time, then it's off to bed, is that understood?" A young woman said, grabbing the child before putting him in bed next to a slightly older child sleeping. "Yes, mommy," The kid said before getting over his covers. "You too loud, and why do you want to listen to that story? It's so creepy." Mumbled the other child with a groggy voice trying to sleep."Sorry, my little wind, go back to sleep." The women said before taking out a book, titled "Mind, Body, and Soul". "Long ago, when our world was still young, a being from beyond the vials of our world traveled to our realm. They saw the gift that creation has given to live, and the gift was split into three very important parts. Mind, which allows us to learn and grow as people. Body, which allows us to protect what we love, and fights for our survival. And Soul, which allowed us to experience joy, happiness, and gives us the will to continue through strife. The being wish to have these gifts but was denied by the very laws of creation. The being angered by this, attacked our world, to try and steal our gift. After our world was damaged. Creation sought revenge, and shattered the being across our world, dividing him into three parts. Mind, Body, and Soul, giving them the gift at the cost of his whole existence. It is said that the three parts still roam to this day, transferring themselves to other people, so that they may one day complete themselves. However, if that day were to come, not only Creation will stand against it, but also Humanity, The End, now go to sleep, you have school in the morning." The woman said before tucking in the child, before giving both kids a kiss on the head. "Good night mom," Both the children said, alright feeling the effects of the story. "Goodnight, my children." The women said before closing the door.
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