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Found 2 results

  1. Single to Archetype - the Game Choose a card (Monster, Spell, Trap) that doesn't belongs to any archetype, then the person below will make a bunch of cards (min.2) in order to make the chosen card playable in a Deck alongside the created cards. Starting with: Skull Knight #2 The Archive *spells/traps are in a different sheet
  2. Now, I know this sounds redundant, but hear me out. Instead of just making ONE card, in here, I want at least 2 Main Deck monsters, at least 1 Extra Deck monster, and at least 1 Spell/Trap Card. Other than those stipulations, make as many cards as you want. Also, this will have an emphasis on LEGACY support. No archetypes, serieses, or character decks from the VRAINS era. Only ARC-V and before. On that note, I'm giving this an additional gimmick. Each person suggests TWO serieses, archetypes, and/or characters that they want support for. To start us off, how about one of my favorite YGO waifus? Next Selection: Anime Akiza (focuses on Synchro Summoning using Plants, as well as field manipulation) OR Manga Akiza (focuses on high-level Plants and getting them out easier)
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