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Found 6 results

  1. this is my spirit deck, i mad two new cards for this arqueytpe, i hope you like it
  2. Hi, I have this account and it is old, I used to write a lot of cards when I was a child. Today, it gave me the idea to review these cards and to my surprise, I did not find my old cards created by me ... This account is from 2009, maybe it was deleted because of the time I was without access. Could someone tell me what may have happened or what has happened? Thank you Edit: I saw that they removed the option to save the cards, because I didn't find the option, is that right? If it is, then the disappearance is explained. PS: I apologize if this topic is in the wrong place, I
  3. Hey there people, here some support for another of my all time favourite Archetypes, Infernity. First some new interpretations of the anime-only cards. Infernity Zero Lv. 1 DARK Fiend 0 ATK/0 DEF Tuner/Effect: When this card is Normal Summoned: you can discard up to 3 cards; place 1 Destiny Counter on this card for every card you discarded. Increase this card´s Level by 1 for each Destiny Counter on this card. If this card would be destoyed by battle, you can remove all Destiny counters (min. 1) from this card instead. (My main idea was to give the archetype
  4. Hi everyone, this is my take on some support for the Evil Hero archetype. I really like all the Hero sub-archetypes but the evil heros always had a special place in my heart. However, what I realy disliked about the Archetype (or more about how Konami handled it) is that besides Dark Gaia, Malicious Fiend and the newer Malicious Bane the Fusionmonsters arent really that useful anymore. So the objectiv of most of my cards is it to bring them out easier and to make them stronger at the same time. I´ve played the game for a long time but never competitive plus english is my second language so i
  5. Adding onto my original support cards created here, I've created more Spellbook support in the form of Pendulums! These cards provide support not specifically to Spellbook/Prophecy, but to other Spellcaster based archetypes as well. Spellbook Librarian of the Crescent Pendulum Effect Once per turn: You can Fusion Summon 1 Spellcaster Fusion Monster, except "Spellbook Librarian of the Crescent", or 1 Fusion Monster which specifically lists a Spellcaster monster you control as Fusion Material, using monsters from your hand or field as Fusion Material. Monst
  6. My custom thunder support (not for thunder dragons)
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