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Do not use attachments to post cards

Flash Flyer - Sakura

Just as a reminder to all members, posting your cards as attachments in posts is expressly forbidden.

  • Open the cardmaker in another tab
  • Find card and open it
  • Left-click to generate IMG code
  • Copy/paste IMG code into post
  • Repeat the process for multiple cards.

Because the cardmaker's auto upload is shot, do these steps.

  • Steps 1/2 in the above (find card)
  • Save your card to desktop
    • ​You may also right-click "get image location" for a long URL.

    [*]Upload it to Imgur or some other image host (the cardmaker usually uses Imgur); either the card you saved to desktop or the long URL. [*]Copy/paste the resulting IMG code into post (or add the <img></img> tags around the URL if they aren't there; replace < > with the brackets)

Or you can do this instead (Written form)


Card Name
Level/Rank | Attribute | Type | Subtype
Pendulum Scale (if applicable)


Card Name
Attribute | Spell/Trap Type


Using attachments means your cards will disappear after a period of time, and will result in a thread lock due to having a cardless thread.



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