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  • Recent Status Updates

    • Yugigeek00

      okay question where are all my previously save cards?


      1. This update has no replies.
    • Horu Ishayuki

      So inspiration is being a total bitch today

      1. Godbrand

        What a sexist comment.

      2. Horu Ishayuki

        sexist or not, it's still true.

    • Zaziuma

      So the Half-Life: Alyx trailer is here, and it looks...actually kind of good. VR titles are hard to impress you with, due to their gameplay limitations with motion sickness and all that, so putting a game like Half-Life into that world could be messy, and while it isn't going to be a proper Half-Life game for sure, what they are going for looks solid. It's just too bad it's tied behind VR, I realize that they want to sell you on the VR, but to bring Half-Life back after so long is risky, it could either hurt them or help them, I guess we'll see:


      1. This update has no replies.
    • I Hate Snatch Steal

      I'm sure that a lot of people have heard about youtube's new "for kids" policy that potentially ruins most channels. For those who haven't googling "youtube coppa settlement gets you this: https://www.theverge.com/2019/11/13/20963459/youtube-google-coppa-ftc-fine-settlement-youtubers-new-rules

      I have a solution: contact your representatives in congress and (weather you like him or not) President Trump and tell them to repeal and replace COPPA. Also tell your friends to do the same.

      1. Horu Ishayuki

        Is this a problem if we are making yugioh videos?

    • Flame Dragon

      Dear lord, I have 2,239,200 worth of EXP from candies. On top of 36 Rare candies. I've spent a lot of time doing raids.

      1. ~British Soul~

        I've heard about how broken the EXP candies are, which is why (when I get the games) I'm refusing to use them until I'm donion rings with the story and filling the dex.

      2. Flame Dragon

        I think I used some at the start to get one of the level 1 Pokemon I had caught up to the rest of my team, but yea, if you go all in on the candies the game becomes a joke.

    • Zaziuma

      Final starter evolution spoilers below.

      I just looked up the types for the final evolution stages, and found out that it's the first time since gen 2 where they have all stayed pure mono type. I haven't looked into abilities and what not though, maybe some gain a type or something, but regardless that's interesting they did that, though I wish they would have experimented a little bit more at the same time.

      1. Flame Dragon

        I get why people are upset with all mono types. I would have loved another Gen 4 twist on their intereactions. But like, we haven't had a mono type starer since Gen 5 and the majority have been duel type. Grass and Fire get absurd HAs btw. Not going to spoiler what they are, but they are really good. 

    • spiritomb8

      Subnausous card

      Shadow Leviathan card.png

      1. Dr. Jolly Glot the III

        it could be better if you post it on its appropriate section (casual cards)

    • Zaziuma

      Had some thoughts about a topic of the difference in perception you can experience though the statement remains the same. I had more to say than I thought, so check the comments if you're interested.

      1. Zaziuma

        Something I haven't given much thought, but recently was informed more about and is interesting, is that the perspective of my own statement I have in mind may be seen differently based on the perspective of the other person due to their identity, rather than the intention my statement, causing my statement that I see non-antagonistic or non-hostile and not based in personal ideology to be taken in a way that person finds potentially hostile or antagonistic. It's hard to describe what I mean precisely, but an example I suppose would be asking a person of color where they are from, which I would not take as an offensive question had it been asked to me, but as I am born in Denmark and is white, I am in the racial majority which make the question less likely to be asked, and their perception of such a question inherently different from me, even though the question remains the same. The context can matter more than I would think, and I suppose that's something I need to work more on, and could be a trait of my autism, considering the general perception that autistic people have a harder time understanding the social subtext, and while I believe to have become better at that the older I have become, there is certainly some subtle things I have yet to fully grasp, and now that I can understand this more, I may find that I can understand how not to seem like I'm intolerant and generally bigoted, when I personally don't believe that I am, even after having been accused of being sexist and racist on occasion.  

    • Flame Dragon

      So, I've been trying to do all the Raid Battles as they showed up in the wild area. My battery hit 1% before I could do all I had available. Seriously, because of them I'm nearing 100 Pokemon caught and have gotten enough EXP candies to get everything but a Slow or Fluctuating EXP Group Pokemon to level 100 from level 1. Thats without using 1 of my 22 rare candies. Not to mention tons of watts and TRs stored up. I don't think I've gotten a single HA which is sad at this point, but man are raids SUPER worth it.

      1. Horu Ishayuki

        I've yet to max out a single pokemon on Go.

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