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New Dragon Monsters


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Armored Lord of the Sky is too overpowered

Quote the Fusion-Material monsters' names, like "this"

Stats are too high

The Draco card is a joke. Really, 6000 ATK and DEF?

Ultimate Darkness Dragon is the worst. 2 tributes for something that can take away half of somone's life points!!!!?


0/10. Cheapness to the max, here. Have you even heard of monsters which are Level 5 and under?

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Uusally, God Cards have effects to accompany them, and are can be summoned by tributing ANY 3 monsters on the field. And they have the DIVINE attribute. Meanwhile, your card has no drawbacks, and is even more powerful than ALL of the God Cards without their effects (WHY?) Also, I thought since:

Fusion Monster background+specific monster tributes= Fusion Monster


Thus, a cheap card.

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