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My sig so far. I need advice.


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Tell me what program you use first so i can help.


No Blending or Flow

Looks like red flare brush with bluring for the background

Liquify/Flare tooling looks bad

Bad Focal

Colors are bad

Little Depth


Again tell me your program so i can finish

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Your better off finding a version of photoshop, it has better tools and Gimp isn't really that great for tag making. Depth can be made by smudging, Erasing and how the focal goes (like if it bends.). As for flow it is just a general direction the sig goes into, smudging is commonly used to make this. Blending and Depth go together, you use Blending to create Depth. As for the Focal it is the focus point or where your eye should be brought to when you look at a tag.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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