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Final Fantasy Contest....Winners announced!!! ..

Silent Omega

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1.The Gentleman-100 points,2 reps,Double Upgrade!!!

2.Finalflash-50 points,1 rep,Upgrade!!

3.Bretnova-50 points,Upgrade!

4.Brentxbanshee-50 points

5.ozxander-50 points



1.No spamming

2.No swearing

3.No stealing

4.Follow all YCM rules!!




1.100 points,2 rep,And a double upgrade at the FF Club..

2.50 points,1 rep and upgrade

3.50 points and upgrade



[spoiler=what to do...]

I need you to make a 5 FF card collection with 2 FF characters,1 Spell,1 Trap,And 1 Ritual...


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Monsters: 2





Effect: One of the Tributes for this card must be "Cloud" or "Aerith" This card is unaffected by effects when equipped with "Buster Sword" if "Cloud" or "Aerith" are on the field you gain 500 Life Points every standby phase. You can Tribute both "Cloud" and "Aerith" to raise Hero of Legends attack by 1000 until this card is destroyed.



Magic: 1




Trap: 1





Ritual: 1 spell card one monster






i got all the pics off google.com

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[spoiler=Tidus Card Lore]If "Zanarkand - The Ruins of Lost Dreams" is your active Field Card, this card cannot be affected by Spell, Trap or Monster Effects. If "Yuna - The Summoner of Besaid Isle" is on your side of the field, increase this card's ATK with 1000. When this card chooses "Jecht - The Father of Tidus" as an attack target, increase this card's ATK with 500.




[spoiler=Spell & Trap]97062h.jpg97062hwp.jpg





[spoiler=Valefor Card Lore]This card can only be Ritual Summoned by the effect of "Besaid Temple". As long as this card is Face-Up on your side of the field, "Yuna - The Summoner of Besaid Isle" cannot be destroyed as a result of battle. Increase this card's ATK and DEF with 500 for each LIGHT-Attribute Monster on either player's side of the field.




All pics are from Google.Com

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sorry I dont know how to put them in the bracket things.





seymour the undying's effect: Once per turn, you can pay 1000 Life Points to Special Summon this Monster from your Graveyard in Face-up Attack Position. If this card is sucsessfully Summoned this way it gains 1000 ATK points. You can Special Summon one "Seymour Natus" when you have succsefully summoned this card twice from the gravyard by its effect


Image credit:Anasolyuki, l1kel1ke,DBkun, theEchoDragon, and google.

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