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Cyberdark Fun [March '09]

That Fat Guy

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Idea borrowed/blatently stolen from Symptoms of Death's "Cyberdark-sworn" deck.


I may IRL this, so charges and JD are kinda out of the question atm, and I may neg the LS part of it altogether if I can find something that does its job just as good (which I likely won't).


Monsters: 22

3x Hunter Dragon


1x Dark Horus

2x Ryko

2x Lyla

2x Jain

3x Necro Gardna

2x Cyberdark Horn

2x Keel

2x Edge

1x DAD


Spells: 13

3x Solar Recharge

3x Cyberdark Impact!

1x Heavy

1x Trunade

1x Reborn

1x MST

1x Future Fusion

2x Foolish


Traps: 5

3x Solemn

1x Torrential

1x Crush


Extra: 15 (I want to keep it mostly all dragons, because of fusion guard in the side if I face burn.)

3x Cyberdark Dragon

3x FGD

3x Red Dragon Archfiend

3x Stardust Dragon

3x Iron Chain Dragon


Side: 15

3x Twister

3x Fusion Guard


2x Allure

1x Pot of Avarice

2x Light Mirror

3x Prohibition


All input appreciated. It's very rough right now, and it's pretty monster heavy.

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