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Jack's Animation Tutorial!

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[align=center]Don't know how to make animation?

You will never say that again after you read this ;)


You need


1.GIMP 2.6





Open up 2 paints


1 For the sprites sheet and 1 blank about the size of a head sprite








Next get the select tool and choose your sprite, copy it and paste it to the blank paint







Save the paint frame you just pasted and name it something like "Xem1"

Do the same thing again but choose a differrent sprite and name it similar to the origional frame REPEAT "Xem2" "Xem3" "Xem4"


How many frames did you do? 5?


W/E but now open up GIMP and open the first frame "Xem1" then press "Open As Layers" and choose the second frame "Xem2" REPEAT up to how many you had. "Xem1" < "Xem2" < "Xem3" < "Xem4" < "Xem5" and then right click, go to FILTERS and look at animation < animation playback and then press play to look at how did your animation come out.If you like it SAVE and put something like "Xem0.gif" IT IS MANDATORY THAT YOU PUT .gif so then before you press EXPORT check save as animation, go to a hosting pic website like tinypic, post it and wala!!


OUTcome: rj135w.gif



[spoiler=Slowing down animation]

To slow down your animation before you save it look for the "Milisecond Button" and increase the number for it to become slower if when you post it it came out too fast





Reps appreciated ;)

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with mac you probably need flash or fireworks. I have mac and I tried the GIMP for mac and it didn't work =/ but there are free gif makers online, so you could probably just make the sprite pics in appleworks and save them and then upload them and splice 'em together online

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