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~Twisted Poll~ Have you ever worn...


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no the closeist thing i get to crossdressing is wearing arm warmers


Trannies are beautiful people. Especially the Japanese ones who sing.


Also' date=' Ackbar will tell me when it's a trap.



trannies are actually guys who think there girls and are take steps to be comeone through oprations.


crossdressers are just guys in wemons cloathing and are not taking oprations to become a women.


no the difference

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I may've done once...

At a church party..


the best time to crossdress is in church


You know it!


Plus' date=' am I the only guy here who has ever worn a dress?? 0_o

[Note to self: Don't tell the truth next time.']


Last year, I dressed as all of the princesses from Shakespeare's King Lear.

Dresses, make-up, everything.

We took Hi-Def pix.


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