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Kira Magister Magi


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How can I make good Pokemon based cards? I want a way that works every time for any card (I want to transfer data from the Pokemon TCG to Yu-Gi-Oh card data) without making it overpowered ever. I once saw a tut for this, but now I can't find it. Can anyone help (20 points if you can find the thread of the tut for me. I will tell you if you are right)?

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have you tried searching yet?


there is a tut on how to make pokemon cards but not for pokemon based yugioh cards.


even if there was a tut,it wouldn't do much good when it comes to card making,you can only makes tuts that show you how to NOT make mistakes but there can't be one for making a specific type of card,if there was,it wouldn't be very good IMO

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