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new champion set


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Aren't the supposed to have " ' ", like: "Earth's Champion" and "Hell's Champion"?

Give picture credit

OCG errors:

as a result of battle= by battle

during one turn= during the same Battle Phase

Use commas (,) for parts such as "Once per turn,"

one= 1

Feld= field

Usually, Fusion materials are explained with: "Fusion Material Monster" + "Fusion Material Monster", not "/"s

Also, use full stops at the end of an effect. You've made this misake to all of them.


However, the effects are ok, and so are the pictures. Everything else is fine, but if you could fix a couple things i've commented on, they will be even better.


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wait pictur is overused what the hell man everyone on this site is so petty i have red nearly all the threads and not once found overlords pic ur all retards with now lifes i just everynow and then make a card i dont sit at my com 4 hours looking at someons card to find that it is overused just so i can be a twat you know wot i am gonna hack ycm and shut down this site then maby you will all see that there is more to life than taking a load up ur arse


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What's your deal? You go on a rampage in your last post, calling us immature names, and now you want more criticism? I didn't even offend your cards, saying things like "Your cards suck! 0/10!" All I did was advise you on what you could do to fix the cards. How about next time, taking my positive comments into account before you call out people. I didn't even expect you coming back after the threat you made lastly. Well done for shutting down YCM!

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