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[edited] IRL Twilight

Father Wolf

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Monsters 23

JD x1

Honest x2

Chaos Sorc x1

Lumina x2

Lyla x2

Ryko x1

Garoth x2

Celestia x2

Wulf x2

PoC x2

Mezuki x1

Plag x1

Necro x3

Breaker x1


Spells 16

Allure x2

Solar Recharge x3

Heavy Storm x1

BfaDD x2

CoSR x1

Brain x1

Monster Rein x2

Monster Reborn x1

Card Destruction x1

Foolish x2


Traps 4

Threatening Roar x2

Beckoning Light x2 (thinking about taking 1 out)



D.D. Crow x2

MST x1

Protector of the Sanctuary x2

Pot of Avi x1 (Going to be replaced by Necro Face)

Torrential Tribute x1

Compulsory Evac x2

Divine Wrath x2

Lumina x1

Imperial Iron Wall x2


Extra 15

Goyo x1

Black Rose x2

Stardust x2

Magical Andriod x1

Revived King Ha Des x1

Red Dragon x1

Doomkaiser x1

Iron Chain x2

Psychic Lifetrancer x1

Thought Ruler Archfiend x1

Gaia Knight x1

Colossal Fighter x1

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mezuki is there for a plag loop. Since with out it' date=' i can only make level 6's. With it i have more access to my Extra deck and CoSR.


plus 90% of the time Mezuki gets milled away.


1 JD?


i traded the other one for: 2 allures, 2 Raiza, a playmat, 1 celestia, 3 mizukis, 3 plagspreaders, 3 BfaDD, 2 Dark Horus, 1 Gatling Dragon, 2 Shrinks, 2 Ultament Sky Scrapers, 2 orignal Anti Spell Fragence, The entire extra Deck posted, 1 Super Brain, 3 Ultament Necro Gardnas, 1 Ultament CoSR, and 3 Necrofaces with 1 goblin zombie when we get the special edition Crimson Crisis.


i also sold my 3rd ghost honest for $55 more than i bought it for. =D

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