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Goka the Volcanic Monarch

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Monsters: 22


Thestalos the Firestorm Monarch x3 (It's Pyro, FIRE, and a Monarch. Perfect here.)

Goka the Pyre of Malice x3 (It's what this's built around.)

Caius the Shadow Monarch x1 (Generic fun Monarch.)

Raiza the Storm Monarch x1 (Generic fun Monarch.)


Volcanic Shell x3 (This's fun. Can be used as Goka fodder, discard fodder for PWWB and ZM, accelerator fodder, it's nice.)

Card Trooper x1 (Mill some Zombies, beatstick, and +1 when dead.)

Volcanic Rocket x2 (Beatstick, search Accel.)

Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter (Kill n mill.)

Pyramid Turtle x3 (Search Goka/other fun stuff.)

Zombie Master x2 (More Pyramids and Plague! =D)

Plaguespreader Zombie x1 (Synchros! Yay! =D)

Mezuki x1 (Can get out a quick Goka, Plague, or Pyramid, all great.)


Spells: 11


Brain Control x1 (Quick Monarch/Goka fodder.)

Book of Life x3 (Revive some Zombies)

Heavy Storm x1 (Staple, extra nice against pesky Oppression/Macro/City builds.)

Monster Reborn x1 (Staple, get some Zombies.)

Giant Trunade x1

Mystical Space Typhoon x1 (Set and kill chainables when opp sets them, get rid of pesky Macros/Oppressions/Cities.)

Foolish Burial x1 (Get a Mezuki or Plague down there.)

Blaze Accelerator x1 (Deck thinning via Rocket, quick destruction via Shell.)

Card of Safe Return x1 (Lots of revival here, fun to abuse.)


Traps: 7


Phoenix Wing Wind Blast x3 (Good stuff to discard.)

Torrential Tribute x1 (Staple, kill stuff.)

Bottomless Trap Hole x1 (1 for 1 fun.)

Waboku x2 (Gives me a chance to counter stuff. =D)


Extra Deck: 15


Stardust Dragon x2

Thought Ruler Archfiend x3

Red Dragon Archfiend x1

Colossal Fighter x1

Dark Strike Fighter x2

Black Rose Dragon x1

Revived King Ha Des x3

Goyo Guardian x1

Doomkaiser Dragon x1


Side Deck: 15


Mobius the Frost Monarch x3 (For Oppression, Macro, or City Builds)

Dust Tornado x2 (Same as above)

Threatening Roar x2 (Replace Waboku against GBs)

Light Imprisoning Mirror x3 (LS will be a main opponent.)

D.D. Scout Plane x3 (Macro would be really annoying for this Deck. Taste of its medicine. xD)

D.D. Survivor x2 (Same as above.)

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Threatening Roar < Waboku


-2 Threatening Roar

+2 Waboku


No. Threatening Roar does everything Waboku does' date=' and stops them from just attacking your monsters to flip up Set monsters or in a worst-case scenario tag in Glads. Waboku's only better in GBs.



You can't activate IN the BP. If your opponent knows that and goes into BP before Threatening Roar gets activated your screwed.

Waboku can turn a set Plague to a face up plague.

Oh and maybe you should put a Morphing Jar in there more or less because it's zombies.

Card Trooper x3? AWESOME if it got unlimited in the new banlist. But idk so because CoSR was limited to one I think. I didn't really pay much attention. Nice deck though.


Oh and does Card Trooper's effect happen while FACE DOWN? I don't think so but that's another card for Waboku xD

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Id switch the Side D.D. Monsters. 2 planes' date=' 3 warriors.


As for the extra, Id -1 TRA for a RK Hades.


Let me know how the deck playtest.



Come to think about it, I kinda prefer Planes since Survivors have to be removed from the field, Plane's much more versatile and probably better here since I'd just use it for fodder. Hades is already maxed. ;)

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