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post images, not links

How To post your cards ;)


[spoiler=[b]CLICK HERE[/b]]

[spoiler=Step 1]

Generate your card




[spoiler=Step 2]

Click on your card to generate the code underneath it




[spoiler=Step 3]

Copy the code




[spoiler=Step 4]

Paste it into a thread




[spoiler=Step 5]

look at your shiny new card








I hope this helps :D


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what? is that how you feel about my cards then make your thread and show m your cards!!!!!!! :sad:

yo peaple looking on this thread i am deleting my deck and making a new deck its them is protectors so look for my new cards coming soon :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

i ment that the theme will be protectors

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Okay, here's the thing. Practice posting images before you actually show them, because there are two cards missing from your last post. So I just have to review the other two you've made:


"Multiplying Protector"

The actual idea of this monster is ridiculous. Seriously, a monster that multiplies, and ALSO floats on a cloud? A little too random.

Bad picture. Blurry, no background, and effortless.

"Multiplier" is not a real type. Use a real one

Horrible OCG. Why do have a Description and an effect? As for the effect, even I can't fix it! It's terrible, and cheap, since you can't "Destroy" it.

Stats are UP'd for a Level 4. Also, make sure that if you add a "50" in a stat, make the 3rd digit an odd number, so it's easier to half it.


The Little Protector:

THE PIC SUCKS. No originality, just a stick person with no appealing or detailed appearance whatsoever. If you drew these, please, for the sake of everyone's eyes, NEVER DRAW AGAIN.

"Small Protector" isn't a real type

The effect isn't an effect. It's a lame description with an immature "Yay" at the end. Notice that no real Normal Monster has childish descriptions.

Completely useless. A Level 2 with incredibly low stats, no real effect, and just unnecessary for any person.



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I can't remember him posting "I like your pictures, dashwarren", and you can tell that you don't include any effort into your pictures, since they are simple stickmen, or poorly painted blocks and stale backgrounds. I don't think that those guarantee for an authentic card picture.


And i'm not sure whether you addressed that last comment at me, but I never said that I could draw better than you (even though I can, but that's beside the point). The main thing is, change your pictures... And your types... And your OCG... And your stats... And pretty much everything else.

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Good name

Right attribute and type

Good overall stats

Picture is better than the others



No picture background

OCG errors. Here it is fixed:

"Increase this monster's ATK and DEF by 500 points for every FIRE monster on your opponent's side of the field."

The effect is a little too overpowered. Change it to 200 points.

Not much originality put into it.


Well, it's better than the others you've posted here. 4.1/10

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