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Yu-Gi-Oh MDA (Monster Duel Acadamey)


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This is the story of a duel monster who enrolls in a school for dueling duel monsters. This duel monster is Baby Dragon, whose name is Sparkson, Sparks for short. Here is his profile:

Name: Sparkson Dragoon




Debris Dragon-3

Baby Dragon-2

The White Stone of Legend-3

Decoy Dragon-3

Felgrand Dragon-2

Tyrant Dragon-2

Darkblaze Dragon-2

Montage Dragon-2

Stardust Dragon-1

Red Dragon Archfiend-1

Blue Eyes White Dragon-3



Dragon Treasure-3


A Wingbeat of Giant Dragon-3

Super Rejuvenation-1



Wall of Revealing Light-3

Relay Soul-3

Dragon's Rage-2

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[align=center]Chapter 1-The First Duel

[/align]Sparkson was flying to the MDA,Monster Duel Academy. This would be the year that Sparkson would be enrolled in the MDA. Sparkson Finally arrived at the MDA. "Well, here I go, to take my entrance exam." Sparkson walked into the Mda building. He walked to his exam field where he met with the Zombie Master. "Welcome applicant. Your name?" the Zombie Master asked. "My name's Sparkson, but call me Sparks." Sparkson said. "Well Sparks, I'm Dr. Dead. Are you ready for your entrance exam?" Dr. Dead asked. "I'm ready!" Sparkson said with confidence. Sparkson and Dr. Dead activated thier duel disks. "Let's Duel!" the two shouted.

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