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Another insuccesfull LOCKLOCKLOCKPLZ!

Granty Boy

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YAY!!that other post got locked!


This is about a realm where there are just Duel Monsters.Simply select your Monster(no LV 10 or higher cards)Your magic(choose 5 spells from the game)And your traps(choose 3 traps from the game).


Main Story:In a different realm monsters are battling...


The Devil Gods Rule Hell...


The Egyption Gods Rule Heaven...


The Sacred Beasts Rule The Realm...


Judgement Dragon Sends The Dead To Heaven Or Hell...



How to Battle:(Don't ask people to battle when one is going on)


Step 1:Ask someone to battle


Step 2:Person who asks goes first.A common battle:[if your hit 3 times your out)


P1 HP 3(buster blader is theirs):First I activate my magic Lightning vortex(-1)


P2 HP 2(breaker):I attack!(-1)


It's genrally that.When the battle is over another person can ask.


Step 3:You can only attack or activate magic once on your turn.You may respond to "I attack!" with Activate mirror force.In that case opponent takes damage.





Bosses:(no one can be these)


Dark armed dragon


Judgement dragon




Devil Gods


Phantasms(sacred beasts)


Chaos cards/envy cards(hopefully you know what i mean)


Last but not least here's mine:


Cyber dragon(monster)


Lightning Vortex,Smashing Ground,Shield Crash,Rageki,Pre-Mature burial(Yes,Drawing and rebirth cards just hurt the opponent)


Traps:Mirror Force, Negate Attack,Rageki Break


You can have forbidden cards.Heck,The whole realm is half filled with em!


Stuff like trap hole,graceful charity,and monster reborn hurt the opponent to.If your defeated you can still battle here.

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