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Late introduction


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I've been a member here for a while now, but i'd still like to introduce myself.


My name's Ivan and I'm 12. Despite the european name, Im American. However, my dad was born and grew up in this small country called Croatia. He wants me to learn Croatian aswell, so now my family and I are living there for a few months.

I think pokemon and yugioh are some of the coolest things ever. I might be a bit old for that kinda stuff, but it's still pretty sweet to me.

I'm a fast learner, so I already know my way around this site pretty well. If any new members have questions, just pm me, I'm happy to help. Thanks!

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I've seen you around already; you seem to be a great prospect and awesome member to the site. =D


Your Card-Making is decent for a new Member, and at least you're not making Overpowered Dragon Cards. :P Look around Custom Cards for Tutorials that might be able to help, I'm not sure if Icy's tutorial is still Sticky'd in Realistic.


Your Splices are okay, considering you've only just started. Stick at the Splicing School; you'll learn a lot.


I've seen your Fan-Fic start and I plan on reading it when I get the time.


Have fun on the site! :)

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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