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bobo144 vs. Scorpion

Enma Ai

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this is a1 on 1 contest between bobo144 and me, Scorpion. only the votes in the poll will count so dont forget to vote!



-Make 1 Plant, Fish or Dragon

-Must be Earth, Water, Light or Dark

-card must be Lv. 8 or under


Prizes & end date:


loser gives the winner 3 positive reputation points & 5 points


contest ends in 3 Days




[spoiler=bobo144's card]205981zel.jpg



[spoiler=Scorpions Card]2rcxssm.jpg


[spoiler=Lore]This card gains 200 ATK for every monster destroyed by its effect. If this card battles with a Insect-type monster then destroy the Insect-type monster without applying damage calculation. If this card is destroyed by the effect of a Insect-type monster then you opponent looses Lifepoints equal to this cards ATK.


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Both bad OCG but the first card is worse. Bobos got a better pic, but Scorpions isnt bad. Scorpions got more effort into the card, holo and gold rare aswell. Bobos card isnt a fusion, its a group, 2 dragons next to eachother. Bobos card should just be a gemini with diff effect.


Everyone, who am I voting? You all said it, Scorpion. But nice effort to you both.

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