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Sora Sig


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It's been a while since I've done a non-sprite sig, so here ya' go.


I think I screwed up the lighting =s


No text -



Text (Don't rate this one, as the text is obviously bad) -



More simplistic -



CnC, and be as brutally honest as possible. I wanna get better =p

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wow alo of c4d' date='s dont put so much use brushes and dont put text it ruins the sig sometimes


As I said, don't CnC the one with text.

I only used 3-4 C4D's, any less and the bottom left would be empty =s

I was going to use brushes, but I thought anything more then what it is now would be over-complicating the sig.

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I is complain about text.


Lol' date=' it"s nice, but... Sora is too translucent.


Sidenote: Nice to see a KHR fan.


I'm a gokudera guy myself.



Cough*Takeshi Yamamoto>Gokudera*Cough


Too many c4d's that serve no purpose.

You need tuts.

Tell me what you have and I'll pm you some.

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