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Mortal Kombat RP

Angel Of Death

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join today as you come in a journy of mortal combat you may pick 2 mortal kombat charecters and be them you cant pick any one elses charecters and you cant switch so choose wisly


[spoiler= "members and there charecters" ]

Owen486- Baraka & quan-chi




[spoiler= "form" ]


Cherecter you want ( either 1 or 2 charecters) :

Bio:( if you want )

any options for club:






[spoiler= "rules" ]

no spaming

no cussing(you can use stuff like ***)

can get mad




join today or be hunted by ..... ME

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Kung Lao saw the two villains

Kung Lao* What do you want? Lu aren't you gonna help?

Lu Kang stands there unresponsive

Kung Lao*Hey I know who you are Chameleon!

Chameleon*that is right you fool

Chameleon trans forms from Lu Kang himself

Chameleon attacks Kung Lao

Kung Lao*arrrrr I knew it!

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