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need someone to teach me some Photoshop CS basics so I can actually follow tuts


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how do you add c4ds?

how do you work on flow?

what exactly are brushes and how do you download/install them?

how do you remove a background if you paste a render in?

how do you get a render pasted in without a background?



yeah, everyone says read tuts, but I usually can't even get past the first step without these basics =/

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1. Go to Planet Renders, join and look in the C4D section. Choose one, save it and open it in PS. Then paste it in.

2. C4D's help the flow. Flow is the direction of the sig.

3. Brushes are variations of the Brush Tool in PS. Download them off Deviant Art, paste them in Local Disk ---> Program Files ---> Adobe ---> Photoshop CS ---> Presets ---> Brushes. Reboot photoshop and they should be in your brush menu. If not, click the little play symbol and choose "Load Brushes".

4. A render doesn't have a background.

5. *See 4* Proper renders are found at Planet Renders.



All done. Hope I helped. Ask any questions.

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Actually It stands for, Cinema 4 Dynamics.


What format are the images?


PS should open them. idk why not

@kyle' date=' it stands for cinema 4d. they're abstract shapes that can be used to add depth, & flow to a tag and make it more interesting. I suck at using them =/


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