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Wake| Chapter II: α gιяℓ αи∂ ℓσνє| Chapter III Coming Soon!


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Chapter 2: α gιяℓ αи∂ ℓσνє


Through the thick fog the boy made his way back to the spot he woke up at. Still he walked on water, but has gotten somewhat use to it. "For the love of GOD! What the hell happened to me? I must be dead, and the girl that, well um, Necro spoke of is the angle whos going to take me away." The fog that had surrounded all directions started to fade.


Clearer to the boys eyes was the spot he had been searching for. "There! There!" The boy ran towards the spot, while at the same time looking for the girl Necro spoke of. While at first the boys face was filled with a sign of hope, it quickly turned to disappointment. "No one's here. No one." The sat down with a dead wait drop. He started at his reflection in the water.


"I was drowning. My name--my-AGHH!" The pain ensued as the boy tried to remember who he was. Images once again running through his mind. He could see himself reaching out for help, from a far he heard a girls voice calling him. "Kuno Onaku! (Pronounced Koo-No O-Na-Koo). Kuno!" The girl cried out. Kuno could see her, but his eyes could barley see past the water. Her hair black with green eyes, the sun light played upon her hair. Despite the tragedy Kuno was in... he was still struck by beauty.


Kuno came back to his senses. The pain gone and his head somewhat clear. "My name is Kuno. Kuno Onaku. Her name -- she was beautiful." Kuno was speechless, he continued to think about the girl in his mental images. Knowing that she was someone important to him, but how he wondered. "Why was I drowning?" Kuno stood up with a puzzled look on his face.


"Because you couldn't swim and you were in the water." The voice of an unknown girl spoke. Her voice was soft. Kuno looked around trying to find the source of this voice. "I'm right her, handsome." Kuno turned around to find himself face-to-face with a girl in all white, her hair and eyes to. She looked ghostly yet so alive. "Are you the one Necro told me about?" Kuno waited patiently for her reply. "No. I am her to guide you to her though. She can help you understand it. What you have." Kuno was hit with striking curiosity.


The girl walked into the fog. As she did a path way cleared up, and without even saying a word Kuno knew he was to follow. "So who are you? Why are we here? Where is here?" Kuno looked up as he started to see a mid day sky brake into view. "You sure ask a lot of questions. She likes people who seek answers." The girl continued down the path then looked down at the ground. It was no longer water. "Grass." Kuno and the girl had finally left the field of water and stood in the woods.


Kuno looked around. Inspecting his surroundings to see if they were familiar and they were. Although Kuno felt familiar with the area it wasn't the right feel for him. "This is where we part ways. Never worry as we are destined to cross paths again soon." The girl vanished into the air. "Whats up with people disappearing?" Kuno tried to keep his mind calm, but he knew all to well that he was apart of supernatural events. Just then a man dressed in a red Gi appeared from the shadows of the forest. His hair was a dirty brown, his eyes black and cold. He drew out the sword that he carried on his back and had it pointed towards Kuno...




Chapter One: ѕℓєєριиg σи ωαтєя


The fog that surrounds him conceals further vision from the eyes. He lays upon the water, motionless, silent, peaceful. Just then a vibration echoes through the water. "Drowning!" The boy wakes up, still laying face down in the water, he then quickly gets up. His heart is racing, his clothes (which consist of white pajamas) are soaked, but... he's standing on the water.


"Whats-- whats going on?" His voice soft, he speaks out loud as if someone is to answer his question. "DROWNING!" Flashes of water, screams, and panic attack the boys mind. "HELP ME!" He grabs his head in pain wanting the images to go away. "Am I dead? Why--" A second vibration moves through the water.


The boy runs through the fog. "Where? Why? How is it possible that I'm standing, no, running on water?" The fog completely surrounds the boy, his speed increase. He runs on the water as if he were running through wet streets. "I was drowning. I died. Did I die?" His mind still trying to unravel previous events, but his thoughts are still in scrambles.


Just then the boy stops running. He noticed something. The water was gone, he wasn't standing on ground. He wasn't standing on anything at all yet the fog still surrounded him. "Where are you?" A demonic like voice, similar to that of the boy, speaks from the fog. "Where am I?" The boy asks. From the fog steps a necro-like version of himself. His hair black, his eyes blood red, and his skin pale.


"You woke up. If you want answers then you must go back and wait for the girl to come." The nerco boy spoke with a some what light tone of voice, but still a deceiving feel came from him. "Who am I--?" The boy asked his dark counterpart. "What happened to me?" The dark version of himself started to fade away. "Two powers of equal strength will surge through you. If the other one consumes you..." Quickly as the strange necrol-like boy appeared he vanished. "Go Back." The boy started running back from the spot in which he awoke...[/align]

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This was was. By the right of the Sinistians' date=' this has been declared great[/color']


Thanks ^_^


Chapter 3 is halfway through, the only trouble is that there are a number of ways everything plays out from here so I'm looking for the right way to go. I should have it done this week.

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