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This is my First Original Deck. Please enter and post your suggestions.


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This is the first Deck in my life:

Monsters :

1 D.D. Assailant

1 D.D. Warrior Lady

1 Cyber Valley

1 Exiled Force

2 Piramid Turle

1 Ryu Kokky

1 Malevolent Mech Goku En

1 Black-Eyes Zombie Dragon

1 Caius The Shadow Monarch

1 Snipe Hunter

2 Zombie Master

1 Getsu Fhuma

1 Spirit Reaper

1 Paladin of Cursed Dragon

2 Regenerating Mummy

1 Alien Soldier

1 Mystic Tomato



1 Heavy Storm

1 Sword of Reveling Light

1 Pot of Avarice

1 Smashing Ground

1 Lightining Vortex

1 Brain Control

1 Zombie World

1 Book of Life

1 Nobleman of crossout

1 Enemy Controller

1 Reinforcement of the Army

1 Terraforming

1 Soul Taker

1 Mystical Space Typhoon



1 Mirror Force

1 Torrential Tribute

2 Bottomless Trap Hole

1 Sakuretsu Armor

1 Iron Scarecrow


I made this Deck with this Decks and boosters:

1 Zombie World Structure Deck

1 Dark Emperor Structure Deck

1 5D'S Satrter Deck 2008

1 Gold Series Booster Pack

1 Phantom Darkness Booster Pack

Snipe Hunter and Alien Soldier are gifts.


Now the question is: What are the Decks and booster packs that I must buy to upgrade this Deck?. lease, I really need your suggestions.[/u]

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The deck is horrible.




This topic is now about the Economy.




That's not helpful at all. He or she is asking for help on upgrading the Deck, and yet you reply with an answer that isn't helpful at all.


Start by adding two Book of Life and a Zombie Master. Your best bet would be to purchase two more copies of the Zombie World Structure Deck and some Crimson Crisis Special Edition Boxes (which aren't out yet). That way you could get cards like Book of Life, Pyramid Turtle, Zombie Master, and Goblin Zombie.


Keep in mind that there's no guarantee you'll get Goblin Zombie if you buy a Crimson Crisis Special Edition.

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