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Help teaching someone


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Have them watch the first season of the anime. Then explain that the game is completely different' date=' and teach them to actually play.


For seriously.



I did this with one of my friends.


On topic, I'd start with explaining the 3 types of cards (monster, spell, and trap) and then the individual quirks with each of them (i.e. 1 summon per turn, tributing, etc for monsters. Cost/effect stuff with spells and traps, and having to wait a turn to activate a trap). Then I'd rig up a little test game. Give them a hand where they will draw into most of the situations explained (i.e. they draw battle ox, rush recklessly, trap hole, I dunno. There was a thing like this on one of the websites.) Then I'd go more in depth with card advantage and stuff, if they seem interested in going farther or deeper. What I found was really the hardest part is asking "What kind of deck do you want to build" and not suggesting meta crap. Good luck with your explaining.

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