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kakashi siggy

D. Gray Man

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You asked me to rate this over PM, so here ^^


The colors are very monotone. I see that you tried to make it suit with the render, which is good, but the render itself has quite boring colors. Try some different color combos; they do not necessarily have to suit with the render.


The FX is horrible. Brushes suck. Use them only in moderation. Try using C4ds, wireframes, shapes and smudging more to achieve good FX. Brushes are uncreative most of the time.


The render looks very pasted on, pretty much cancelling out any oppurtunity for blending and depth. You need to make te sig more natural looking.


Flow and compo suck. Like, really suck. I can give you some nice tutorials if you want.


Overall, quite bad tbh. But if you actually use the cnc to improve your next tag, you'll get a lot better very quickly.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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