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My best cards yet


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They look interesting but there are some obvious errors. For one every time you used "may" in the effects you should be using can. On "Warrior of Fear-Gaurdian" no monster is deserving of 4000 ATK and in additon to high ATK be immune to Spell Cards. Also his effect should say "By paying half of your Lifepoints you can special summon this card from your Graveyard". For "Warrior of Fear-Dark Master" he is overpowered. In a fiend deck his ATK can easily get about 3500. Also, there should be a little more to his effect. It just seems like there wasn't much effort put into it. For "Warrior of Fear-Fallen Angel" it is a bit overpowered as well. Others will tell you that no monster should have over 3000 ATK, I really don't have an issue with 3300. Also the effect should say, "Everytime a Spell Card is activated increase your Lifepoints by 500. This card cannot attack your opponent's Lifepoints directly."

Good job overall, just work on them a bit and they will live up to their names, for now you get a 6.5/10.

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